1st, 14th PsyOp/PsyWar Battalions and The 7th PsyOp Group




Crest Worn by 14th RB&L

Torii Patch
14th PsyOp Bn Crest
7th PsyOp Group Crest

View of East China Sea From Headquarters Company at Machinato Service Area (Presently Camp Kinser) Okinawa 1961

Above Composite Aerial View Machinato Service Area 1977: Search For Agent Orange
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Introduction and Brief History of Units by Tim Yoho

Specific Unit Personal Accounts and History
Historical Profile Of The 14th PsyOp Battalions And The 7th PsyOp Group

Roster of Known Unit Members 1950-1974 1,363 Listed as of 7/22/22

Status Of Former Members Queries and Guestbook
Other PsyOp Information
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John Friedson From PFC in 18th (1974) to Retired LTC After Career in Army 8/22/20

Composite Aerial View Machinato Service Area 1977: Search For Agent Orange 4/12/20

Army Honors 10 for Service to Special Forces, Civil Affairs and PsyOps at Fort Bragg 6/8/19

7th PsyOp Group on Facebook. 6/8/19

A Missing Chapter in Unit History. The 14th RB&L On Okinawa From Hawaii in 1958-59 Before Reorganization To The 14th PsyWar Bn

Special Operations Media Complex Named For LT Merkel 7th PsyOps KIA Vietnam 1968

An Account from the book "Do Good Boy" relating Jerry Bledsoe's tour in the 14th from 1961-1963. After his service Jerry became a noted newspaper reporter and author. 6/15/18

Eric Alberts (1940-2010) Artist served in 14th Public Information/Research Division 1961-63. His works are in private and museum collections in US, Asia and Europe. 6/15/18

Update of Former Location of HQ Barracks at Machinato With View From Camp Kinser 6/22/18

New Pictures Provided By Joe Tanzi 7th Group 1970-71 12/5/17

2014 Obit of James E. Braatz GS13 Chief Radio Branch 15th Det. 1968 11/14/17

Profile LTC Weldon W. Wilson CO 14th Bn and XO 7th Group 1964-1966 4/18/17

Page Contacts: Individuals with questions about the Unit. Latest: 12/29/2016

Passing of Major Donald Berger 7th Group Asst S-4 1968 1/2/17

Passing of LTC Orion J. Hyde 7th Group 14th Bn 1969-1971

Additional Men In 15th Printing Detachment 1963-1965 Via Email From Bill Fleak 7/26/16

March 4, 2016 Passing of Michael Johnson 7th PsyOps 1969-1971

Brief Email and Pictures From Lt. Roger Jackson Who Served In 7th From 1968-1970, 10/3/15

Photos from 1st Lt Michael Bercutt: 15th Det. Korea Section Briefings 1968; Machinato 2nd Log Command and Lumberyard; Machinato BOQ's 1967-68 7/1/15

Obit Of Col. Harold F. Bentz Plans Officer 14th PsyOps Hawaii/Okinawa and Commanding Officer 7th PsyOps Group.
April 10th 2015 Death of Dick Himes, who as member of Air Force, helped build the Deragawa Compound used by the 16th PsyWar/PsyOps Company.4/22/15
Attention Earl "Joe" Walsh (15th Det 7th Group): Earl or Anyone Who Knows Him Please Contact Editor (Tim Yoho) 4/9/15

A 2006 Visit To Battlefields and Caves of Okinawa 12/29/14

Moffett Airfield Home to 7th PsyOp Group Leased to Google for 1.5 Billion. 11/12/14

2014 Reunion of Retired Officers Who Served as Captains in 7th Group 1966-1968 10/6/14

Death of Jack Kellner (VUNC Korea 1960-62) Noted Radio and TV Personality in Hawaii. 3/6/13
Recollections Of The 7th Group 1972-73 by Jim Wilks. Contains names of many who served and some photos. 11/10/12
Mail From Bill Boyle Who is Experiencing PTSD From His Vietnam Tour 11/9/12
7th PsyOp Group On Facebook 11/9/12
Obit of John S. Gantt, Maj 7th Group S-3 (1969-1971) 10/19/12
Disney Movie "Operation Dumbo Drop" based on mission of Green Beret John Gantt. 10/19/12

Calvin Barker Two Tours (Okinawa & Tailand): 1964-66 and 1970-72 8/21/12

Okinawa: Bastion Of The Pacific. Film Showing Battle of Okinawa and life after until the late 1950's early 60's. 5/4/12

Account of Stephen Catlin, 7th Group, 15th Company 1966-69 8/11/11
Account of Nicolas Kariouk 14th RB&L 1955-1956. Includes Pictures and Three Stories about his Tour and Bio. 4/15/11
"A General Knows a Frontal Assault When He Sees One"
"Sometimes Price of Procrastination Cannot Be Paid"
"Receiving My Citizenship"
The 14th RB&L Bn and Formation of the 14th and 1st Special Forces. 2/2/11
Mapping of Okinawa and Life in 1955-57. A Non PsyOps Account. 3/15/10
60 Pages of Pictures and Commentary About Okinawa From 1945 Through The 1970's 3/15/10
List of all 7th POG Commanders to Present (See Organization & Roster) 11/14/09
Tribute To COL W.M. Lundelius, Commander 7th POG 1966-1968 11/14/09
Korean & WWII PsyWar Documents and Leaflets 11/14/09
E-Mail From LTC Eric Udouj: 7th POG Documents/Photos From Moffett Field Display Case Updated with New Photos 11/16/09
E-Mail From Then Sp5 Ronald L. Waters 7th Group, 18th Co. 1967-69 8/1/09
E-Mail From Then Captain Peter Robertson 14th PsyWar 1961-64   6/23/09
E-Mail From Then Sp4 Manny Kagan, 7th Group 1972-73   6/23/09
UPDATE On Deragawa As USAF Transmitter Site Before The 16th PsyWar 3/19/09

PSYOPS in Korea 1968-1975. Submitted by Chris Battis 2/20/09

Covers highlights of major changes up to the deactivation of the 24th PSYOP Detachment, which replaced the Korea Detachment on 4 December 1968. The 24th PSYOP provided all audio and visual, strategic-psychological operations support to the United Nations Command/United States Forces Korea. See "Unit Histories Origin of 24th PsyOp"


The "Sun Sets" On The 14th As Editor Tim Yoho's Tour Ends


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