EDITOR'S NOTE: Warren Rucker and I served in the 14th Bn at the same time (62-63) but in different units so we never met. We were discussing how much of a toll time has taken from our memories and Warren passed along his recollection (email 6/19/16) of geography of the Perimeter Road from the 14th Bn HQ.



The following may be too imprecise for posting but may add to one’s understanding of the “geography” along Machinato’s perimeter road in the general vicinity of our old 14th’s barracks and B&VA compound. (I was in B&VA in 62 & 63. Then in 66, 67, and 68 I was back on Okinawa as a civilian in Army Education. In 67 & 68, I was the Education Services Officer at the Machinato Ed Center.
Leaving the barracks and moving several hundred yards north along Perimeter road with the East China Sea (ECS) on the left: An unpaved street on the left (perhaps a hundred-fifty yards long) led toward the ECS. This street, however, ended at the EM Club. To the left of this street was the Machinato Army Education Center, a cluster of about half-a-dozen Quonsets. To the right of this unpaved street was an open field…a very small part of which later used as a vehicular boneyard during Vietnam War days. Located in this huge open field, that extended all the way to the B&VA compound, and somewhat on a line from the EM Club toward the B&VA compound…but much nearer the EM Club….was the Quonset hut of the 18th PsyWar Platoon.
Leaving the EM Club and returning to Perimeter Road: Turn left (north) toward the B&VA compound. A hundred yards or so (maybe less) on the right was a road leading uphill to the Army’s First Logistical Command area of huge warehouses, etc. At the point where this road led off of Perimeter Road was a fenced-in area housing a sentry dog unit and the dog kennels. At the top of the hill on the right was the 14th’s motor pool. You may remember that I mentioned long ago that the 18th Platoon had many more vehicles than the 14th Battalion and that our vehicles had no 14th markings. (We had more vehicles than drivers.)
Back down to the sentry dog unit on Perimeter Road:  farther north (one or two hundred yards) the B&VA compound was on the left or ECS side.  Past the B&VA compound, Perimeter Road curved around to the right and came to the gate. Just outside the gate, on a point of land to the left, was a small off-post commercial housing area for U. S. personnel, perhaps twenty homes.
Now, back to the 14th’s barracks: Going to the left or south along Perimeter Road:  Of all the things I’ll mention, the only thing on the East China Sea side that I was familiar with was the theater. (The 14th occasionally had indoor training there.)  It seems as if there might have been an NCO club near the theater. I should clarify, however, that there was a very long expanse of empty land between Perimeter Road and the East China Sea, extending probably more than a half mile from the Machinato Education Center to the theater.  Almost everything was to the left of Perimeter Road as you went south. And, if I recall correctly, everything was on a lower level than the 1st Log HQ in Bldg. 100, the warehouses, and the shops. 

Along the left side of Perimeter Road were:  several barracks buildings like that of the 14th,  a service Club of some sort (dull, but nice) a PX, dispensary, restaurant,  some BOQ type housing (not a lot) in the vicinity of the restaurant, and the stairs leading up toward Bldg. 100.

It appears that Kinser today has five gates. I remember only four:  The south and north gates serving Perimeter Road. The Yafuso gate at the main highway (most convenient for 14th soldiers riding a bus or cab not having base access and for hoofing to or from the “ville”), and the “Main Gate” very close to 1st Log HQ in Bldg. 100.  It’s logical that there would have been a gate between Yafuso and the Main Gate, but I just don’t remember it.