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Since I am now in my "Golden Years", I no longer trust my memory especially when it comes to input about the PsyOp Page. I am therefore starting a list of those who contact me with their name, date of contact, nature of contact and their email address. I will not post an address if an individual requests it. Hopefully this list will help me jog my memory and help avoid confusion about items listed now and in the future. It may also serve to help others who have an interest in the page.

Tim Yoho
September 15th 2016
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Subject: cambodia/thailand 16th psyops

Tim, I was an army sergeant in 71, 72 and served as entertainment director for the US Army Support Command, Thailand.  I had occasion to drive from Camp Samae San with a USO unit touring Thailand to entertain the soldiers on the border.  I saw a couple of your photos and actually recognize some of the GI’s.  This is long shot, but I am wondering if you have sufficient contact with any that was in the unit who may have photographs of our visit.  I got the request to see the guys and get them entertainment from CINCPAC.  My job was to provide support to all services and covered Thailand units adjacent or even as far away as the atoll of Diego Garcia for Seabees.  If you can get any info it would be most appreciated. Really enjoy all you have posted.  Thanks much.


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January 2016: Mike Johnson contacted me about passing of LTC Orion J. Hyde. I posted info in "Where Are They Now". Unfortunately Mike died in March 2016.

September 14th 2016: Don Getchell ( contacted me with an Obit of LTC Orion J. Hyde. The obit was posted in "Where Are They Now".