Moffett Field Display Case History of The 7th PsyOp Group

NOTE FROM EDITOR: I received the e-mail (below) from LTC Eric Udouj, 7th POG (Psychological Operations Group) S3 and Projects Officer. Colonel Udouj is stationed at Moffett Field formerly a Naval Air Station and now a NASA facility as well as HQ of the 7th POG. Col Udouj found some interesting history of the 7th Group in a display case at his facility and sent a few items for posting.

A newer message (10/26/09) with additional pictures has been added below the "USA Bar":

E-MAIL from Col Udouj 10/8/09

As I was going through the display case here in search of names for the list I am compiling –
I came across some interesting items we have on hand that not many people likely know about.
There are four scrap books from the 7th PSYOP Group’s Wive’s Club going from about 1966 – 1969.
Included were rosters that had the names of the officers of the Group – and their spouses –
basically a contact list, and articles and photos on the Wive’s Club activities in Okinawa and in the Detachments.
Also has most of their news letters. I am probably the first to open up the scrap books and look inside in many a year.

I saw a news letter welcoming the wife of the new commander – COL Bentz.
Interesting how strong the organization seemed to have been and well organized. Found the original By Laws as well – typed.

CSM Douthirt found a box of photos going back to the 70s with 7th POG soldiers in various places –
At the Presidio, in Central America, in Asia, the Balkans, and early part of Iraq.
Pretty interesting haul there -
 but none I saw were prior to the change to Army Reserve status. But the mid to late 70s photos and uniforms and hair styles are pretty obvious.

Attached are few items for you that I came across.

The 14th BN’s 301st TAC PSYOP CO( A) is one of the few Army Reserve Airborne units.
These are taken during one of their MUTAs
(Multiple Unit Training Assembly) a couple years ago.
Will be a rare photo someday because you can see the BDUs and ACUs together in the transition.

The other items were copied from the Trophy case here.

LTC Eric Udouj
7th POG S3 and Projects Officer


Here are a few more photos for you  - most look to be from about 1976 and either at FT Bragg or  at Hunter-Liggett.

Several show the old printing press and soldiers working it, another has a multi-illustrator at work, one has LTC Cassidy (who’s art work of the 10th POB in Bosnia is part of US Army’s paintings), and then there is one that is most likely 2003 in Iraq – being as there are soft vehicles – AT-4s on rucks, and mixed body armor.

Best regards

(LTC Udouj. 7th POG S3 and Projects Officer)