Calvin Barker MSG/GS-12 (Retired)

Editors Note:  I received several emails from Calvin In August 2012, He included a brief description of his two tours and some pictures which appear below. The usage of USAB&VA was discontinued in 1965 with the reorganization of the 14th PsyWar Battalion to the 7th Psyop Group. Calvin was in the unit during the reorganization.

My first tour was June 1964-November 1966 with the 14th PSYWAR Battalion, USAB&VA, Machinato, working in the VUNC studios, MOS 703 (Broadcast Specialist). My second tour was March 1970-September 1972 with the 16th PSYOP Company, 7th PSYOP Group, Deragawa, MOS 71R (Broadcast Specialist).

I was on the very first deployment to Thailand in December 1970. We left Kadena AFB on thirteen (13) C130 aircraft with all of our personnel and equipment and landed in grass field about 15-20 Km from where we setup camp near Aranyaprathet. Pacific Architects and Engineers (PA&E) built our camp for us, supervised by a gentleman named Charlie Barker. I was there for almost a year. CPT Charles Luke was our CO.

I was at Deragawa with the 16th Company from March 1970 until deployment to Thailand in December 1970. When I returned to Okinawa in July 1971 I worked in the VUNC studios again.

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