Below is an abridged version of "Do Good Boy" by Jerry Bledsoe. Jerry was a member of the 14th Bn USB&VA from 1961 until 1963. He was assigned as an information specialist in the Art Department of Public Information Research Division. He was involved in design of leaflets and posters and was also a writer. He was the instigator of the infamous UFO incident and a ghost author of the unsanctioned "Harraser" that poked fun at officers and activities of the unit and created quite a stir resulting in the use of undercover Army intelligence posting as unit enlisted personnel. He did a TDY duty in Taiwan as well as Japan.

After the Army Jerry became a newspaper reporter and for more than 20 years was a featured columnist in Greensboro and Charlotte North Carolina. He was a contributing editor to Esquire Magazine when he began writing books. His book "Bitter Blood" was number one on the New York Times best seller list and was adapted as a television movie. A list of his books appears below followed by the abbreviated version of "Do Good Boy" depicting Jerry's tour in the 14th.

The following was posted with the permission of the author Jerry Bledsoe