ORGANIZATION AND KNOWN MEMBERS OF THE 1st RB&LGroup, 14th RB&L, 14Th PsyWar Battalions

and 7th PsyOps Group 1950-Present


1st Radio Broadcasting
and Leaflet Group




14th RB&L Unit Crest
"Veritas Et Libertas"
Liberate The Truth



14th PsyOp Bn Crest

Originated with reorganization of 14th PsyWar to 14th PsyOp Bn in 1965



7th PsyOp Group Crest

Originated with reorganization of 14th PsyWar to 14th PsyOp Bn and 7th Group



8th Army Patch Worn by untis in Korea until 1961

USARPAC Patch Worn by
14th RB&L in Hawaii

Torii Patch Okinawa
Command Patch

This project was started in 2004 and began with the single inclusion of the 14th PsyWar Bn. Since that time, the project has been expanded to include the 14th PsyOp/7th Group and most recently the 14th RB&L Bn. Over 40 years have passed since I left Okinawa so there are large gaps in my memory and in my surviving documentation of the 14th PsyWar Battalion organization. I have included officers and enlisted personnel my records show served during my tour on Okinawa. I have included their function or unit if known. If not known, individuals were put in Headquarters Company.. Names and information sent in by others have also be added. Personnel from the Korea and Japan Detachments, the 7th Group and the 14th RB&L Bn have been added by others who served in those units.

As of 7/22/2022 a total of 1,363 officers, enlisted personnel and civilians have been identified and listed below. When known the e-mail address has been added to an individuals name in roster... In some cases, names have been made "clickable" to provide additional information. In other cases names may have current e-mail address. I express thanks to the numerous individuals have provided names and information for the roster.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with additional information about the 1st Bn, 14th Bn and 7th Group. . If you served in any of these units and would like your name added, please send me your name, rank, unit, and years of service in unit...If you would like an e-mail address listed please include.

Individuals with name in Red are known to be deceased. If you can verify an individual is deceased, please contact me. More information about deceased individuals may be found in "Where Are They Now".

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Menu of Units

1st Radio Broadcasting and Leaflet Group
14th RB&L Battalion Ft. Shafter Hawaii 1954-1959
Okinawa Detachment 14th RB&L in Sukiran 1958-1960
Okinawa Detachment 14th PsyWar Battalion 1960-1965

1st Radio Broadcasting & Leaflet Group

The 1st RB&L was the second unit in the lineage to the 7th PsyOp Group. The first unit was the 14th PsyOps Battalion which was in operation in WWII from 1943-45. Little is known about this unit.

The 1st RB&L along with the 1st Loudspeaker and Leaflet Company were the only PsyOp Units operating during the Korean War. The 1st was formed in 1950 and deactivated in 1954. It was renamed Broadcasting and Visual Activity in 1956. For more, see Unit History and History of 1st RB&L

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who served or has information about members who served.

OFFICERS (Listed As Known)



14th Radio Broadcasting & Leaflet Battalion Ft Shafter Hawaii

The 14th RB&L Bn was reorganized from the 14th Psychological Operations Bn in 1954. All operations were stationed at Ft. Shafter Hawaii. This unit was reorganized to the 14th PsyWar Battalion in 1958.

The few known members of the this unit were reported by Robert Conrad (1956-57) and Jack Giza.(1957-58).....Accounts by Robert and Jack can be found in Accounts of 14th RB&L in Main Menu.

Roster members listed were in the 14th within the period of 1956 to 1958... No specific dates will be given for individuals. Rank and assigned duty will be given if known.

*Later KIA Vietnam

NOTE: Specialist Rank Insignia's

1955. Army Regulation 615-15, dated 2 July 1954, announced a new grade structure effective 1 March 1955. The new titles were as follows: E7 Master Sergeant (First Sgt was an occupational title) and Master Specialist, E6 Sergeant 1st Class; Specialist 1st Class, E5 Sergeant; Specialist 2d Class, E4 Corporal; Specialist 3d Class, E3 Private First Class, E2 Private E2, E1 Private E1

Okinawa Detachment 14th RB&L B&VA In Sukiran Okinawa

The 14th RB&L moved from Hawaii to Okinawa in 1958 and held the designation 14th RB&L B&VA (Broadcasting and Visual Activity) Pacific until reorganization to the 14th PsyWar Bn in 1961. The unit had HQ, barracks and facilities in Sukiran until 1960 when the 14th PsyWar Bn moved into new facilities in Machinato Service Area which is presently a Marine facility, Camp Kinser.


Enlisted Personnel



Okinawa Detachment 14th PsyWar Bn B&VA

The 14th PsyWar Battalion was reorganized from the 14th Radio Broadcasting and Leaflet Battalion in 1958. This unit organization remained until Oct 1965 when reorganized to the 7th PsyOp Group. The 14th PsyWar Battalion remained a component of the new organization as the 14th PsyOp Battalion. Facilities including Communication Compound were located in Machinato Service area which is presently a Marine facility, Camp Kinser. The 16th PsyWar Company moved north to Deragawa, near Kadena Air Base in 1962 and took control of an Air Force Compound. This facility was utilized until 1971 or 1972 when the area was returned to Japan.

Commanding Officers  

Headquarters Company:
  Located at Ft. Buckner in area known as Machinato

15th Reproduction Detachment:  Printing

16th Psy War Company and 18th Detachment (Loudspeakers) :  Fixed & Mobile Radio Broadcasting and Loudspeakers

18th Platoon/Company: Information Specialists, Illustrators, Photographers, Broadcasters

Public Information/Intelligence/Research Division


*Assigned TDY Vietnam. This Team Preceeded 1st Provisional Detachment to Vietnam in May 1965 and were attached to the 173rd Airborne. This team most likely finished their tours in Vietnam.

*Assigned TDY to 1st (Provisional) PsyOp Detachment July 1965. May have been incorporated into 5th PsyOp Group later in 1965

Japan Detachment 14th PsyWar Bn B&VA



  • SFC Allen, Supply 1958-60
  • Sp Arenchild, Company Clerk 1958-60
  • PFC Raymond C. Blanda 1965
  • Sp Britt A. "Blackie" Bowden, Info. 1959-60
  • Sp Clifton, Driver
  • SFC Howard, First Sgt. 1958-60
  • Mr Judson 1958-60
  • Sgt Kanishero, Supply 1968-60
  • Mr. Masters 1958-60
  • Jeffrey C. Meyer, Sheboygan WI. 1961
  • Sgt. Mikuchonis, Supply 1958-60
  • SFC Morrison, First Sgt. 1958-60
  • PFC Leslie Pockell 1965
  • Sgt. Sweeney, Company Clerk 1958-60

Korea Detachment 14th PsyWar Bn B&VA and VUNC (Voice of United Nations Command)

Front Gate to KD of B&VA 1960. Picture contributed by Bob Richards
The following information was contributed by Chris Battis, Bob Richards, and Russell Kucharski

Commanding Officers

Exec Officers

Commo/Signal Officer

Broadcast (VUNC)

Department Of Army Civilian

Intelligence/Information (S-2) Section

Personnel/Supply/Motor Pool

Signal Section

Visual Section

7th PsyOps Group & 14th Battalion

The 7th PsyOp Group was reorganized from the 14th PsyWar Battalion in Oct 1965 and existed in regular Army until 1975. Redesignated on 30 October 1975 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 14th Psychological Operations Battalion, and the 7th PSYOP Group were concurrently withdrawn from the Regular Army, allotted to the Army Reserve, and activated at Mountain View, CA. The 7th PSYOP Group was reorganized and redesignated on 18 September 1990 as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 7th Psychological Operations Group. It relocated on 15 September 1994 to Moffett Field, CA.

Personnel will be listed by unit and years served if known. If total length of tour is unknown, the year individual was known to be present will be given.

Organizational Titles Included:

Commanding Officers

Other Officers

NonCommissioned Personnel

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