LTC Weldon W. Wilson 14th Bn (USAB&VAPAC) and 7th Group 1964-1966


I received an email in March 2017 from John Wilson who indicated his father LTC Weldon Wilson was a member of the 14th Bn (USAB&VAPAC). John said he and the rest of his family accompanied his father and lived on Okinawa during his tour. John added he was only 4-6 years old during the tour and does not remember much of what his father did. Below is part of John's email:

I went to work on Okinawa sometimes with my father.  I saw broadcasting, magazines and leaflets.  I have with me now some of this material, but I never have been clear on what my Dad did on Okinawa.  He was there well before I arrived and I have photos of him in Korea and letters that say he is in Okinawa, Korea, and later and only for a short while (he retired in 1966), Vietnam.

Another email from John provided recent unclassified documentation of his father's military service which included two years in the PsyOps Unit and is described below.

LTC Weldon Wilson began his military career as an enlisted man and was a Corporal in Armor from 1941 to 1942 at Fort Knox KY. He was commissioned as an officer in 1942 and was a Platoon Leader and Exectutive Officer until 1943 when he became a Company Commander of the 81st Medium Tank Bn 5th Armor Division in Europe until 1945. He was awarded the Silver and Bronze Stars and the Distinguished Service Cross for his service in the war. He also had a Tank Headquarters at Fort Benning named for him. Two books online, "Voodoo a History of the 81st" and "A History of the 5th Armored" cover a lot of his movements and actions in WWII.

After the war, he continued on active duty as Company Commander of the 6th Tank Bn 2nd Armor Division at Fort Hood Texas and then moved to EUCOM (European Command) and USAREUR (United States Army European Command) working closely with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). He served at Fort Sam Houston Texas from 1954 until 1958 when he was assigned to 8th Army Korea. From 1959 until late 1963 he served in 2nd Army at Fort Meade Maryland.

On 9th January 1964 LTC Wilson was assigned as a PsyWar Officer Counter Intelligence to USAB&VAPAC (United States Army Broadcasting and Visual Activity Pacific) at Headquarters 14th PsyWar Bn Machinato Okinawa. He served as Company Commander until 24 November 1964 when he became a Deputy Commander. He then served as Acting Commander from 18 March 1965 until he again became Deputy Commander until 1 Nov 1965 when the unit was reorganized to the 7th PsyOps Group. At that time he became Executive Officer. He served as Commanding Officer of the 15th Detachment (Printing) from 7 June 1966 until October 1966 when he was rotated back to the US for discharge from the Army.

Two additional documents were provided by John Wilson that concern a visit to the unit by General Lee Hyun Chin, Director J-3, Joint Chiefs of Staff Republic of Korea. The letters of appreciation were to LTC Weldon Wilson who was Executive Officer of the 7th Group at that time.


If anyone has any additional information or comments about LTC Wilson please contact me (Tim Yoho) so I can add to the story and or share the information with his son John Wilson.