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If you are looking for information about a former unit member, you may post a query below. Please give the name of the individual the years they served and the group to which they were assigned. Any additional information that would help the reader can also be added. You will need to contact me with the information so that I may post. I will use my own discretion about what is acceptable and may edit your query for ease of reading.

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November 13, 2018: Looking for Jerry Chancy and Jerry Stinger of VUNC Newsroom 1963-65. Contact Jim Aguirre Lynden Washington

January 20, 2017: Looking For Information About My Father Lt. Col. Weldon W. Wilson

Editor's Note: The officer above is not listed in the unit roster. At the time he was in the unit (1962-1966) he would have been in the "14th PsyWar Bn B&VA" and the "7th PsyOp Group" when the change over to 7th Group occurred in 1965. Please contact me (Tim Yoho) as well as John Wilson with any information about Col. Wilson.

Hi Tim, I was on Okinawa from 1962 - 1966.  I was 3 to 6 years old at that time!

Tonight I just decided to type in PSYOP and Okinawa in Google and among other sites, found your website.

I went to work on Okinawa sometimes with my father.  I saw broadcasting, magazines and leaflets.  I have with me now some of this material.

But I never have been clear on what my Dad did on Okinawa.  He was there well before I arrived as I have photos of him in Korea and letters that say he is in Okinawa, Korea, and later and only for a short while (he retired in 1966), Vietnam.

Does his name ring a bell for you?  I wonder if you can advise on how I find people who knew him?  They would of course be much younger than he as he was born 1913, was a Captain of a tank platoon in WWII and then moved on to intelligence stuff at Ft. Mead, Maryland and finally to Okinawa.

Thanks for your site, John Wilson


May 29, 2016:

FROM: S M Kosko []
Sent: Sunday, May 29, 2016 6:59 PM
Subject: Craig Morris

Trying to locate Craig.  I served with him in th 24th.  Steve Kosko 309 472 7147  Thanks

May 18, 2015:

Anyone who served in the 14th RBL-B&VA Pacific on Okinawa during the period January 1958 thru all of 1959 in the Sukiran Area of Ft. Buckner, please contact Gary Gloyd (, Bruno Maselli (, or Jon Mohr (


Feb 24, 2015:

Former 1st Lt Ruben Rodriguez who served as XO of the 16th PsyOps Company from Jan to Mar 1970 is looking for Lt. Trigg. Anyone with contact information, please email Ruben.

March 5, 2014:

Trying to locate any Friends I served with 1969 – 1970”…..Contact Don Getchell

Jan 14, 2014: Looking For Don Banks of Popular Bluff, MO. 7th Group 15th Det. 1969-70

I served with the 14th Psyops Battalion 1969 – 1970 I’ve been trying to “find” Don Banks (Popular Bluff, MO) who served at the same time. I believe he was with the 15th Detachment.

Contact Don Getchell

Jan 13, 2014: Looking for Information About Robert F Case 14th Bn 1965

My father died of a heart attack in 1974. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him.

Contact his son Robert M. Case.

April 6, 2013: Looking For Sp5 James Ryan 7th Group 1968-71

If anyone has information about Sp5 James Ryan who served in 7th Group 1968-1971, please

Contact his son Jeff Ryan