24th PsyOp Korea 1968

Editor: Another piece of the unit history puzzle was solved from reading the 1968 Historical Record of the 7th PsyOp Group. William H. Ross who served with the 15th Det., 7th Group from 1967-68 sent a copy of 68 Unit History in Oct 2006.

Until reading this document, there was confusion as to the origin of the 24th PsyOps. I had received several e-mails from individuals who said they served in Korea in the 24th PsyOps at locations previously maintained by the 14th Bn (B&VA) and the 7th PsyOp Group. None of these individuals knew whether the 24th was part of the 7th Group or part of another unit.

To add to the confusion was the presence of the 24th PsyOp Detachment in Vietnam in 1965. The PsyWarrior Page reports:

The 24th PSYOP Detachment (Field Support) was activated on 18 July 1965 from personnel of the 1st and 13th PSWAR Battalions assigned to the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, and the 3rd and 6th Special Forces Groups at Fort Bragg , NC .  The unit, authorized seven officers and twenty-one enlisted, was formed, trained and deployed to Vietnam in just two weeks.

The 24th Detachment in Vietnam was later redesignated as the 245th Psyop Company (PsyWarrior):

On 10 February 1966, the 24th PSYOP Detachment was re-designated the 245th PSYOP Company and became responsible for PSYOP in II Corps. Major Robert R. Piragowski was the first commanding officer. At Ft. Bragg he had commanded the 1st PSYWAR (Field A) Company, of the 1st PSYWAR Battalion.

The 7th Group 68 Unit History indicates that the 24th PsyOp designation was evidently "reused" in 1968 to include the Korea detachment. 7th Group members serving in Korea were now officially part of the 24th PsyOp Detachment. The first Commanding Officer was LTC Carl E. Baskin followed by Major Dennis C. Howley.

The role of the 24th Detachment in 1968 is shown below as part of the complete 7th unit history which is posted on another page. (7th Group Unit History)