Specific Unit Accounts and History


1st Radio Broadcasting and Leaflet Battalion

Korean & WWII PsyWar Documents and Leaflets 11/14/09
Korean War 1st RB&L Lineage To 7th PsyOp Group 32 Page History "Life and Times" of 1st RB&L
Personel Accounts of The 1st Radio Broadcasting and Leaflet Company Includes Pictures
1st Loudspeaker & Leaflet Co, a separate unit from the 1st RB&L Bn in the Korean War 

14th Radio Broadcasting and Leaflet Battalion

History and Personal Accounts of The 14th Radio Broadcasting & Leaflet (RB&L) Bn 1954-1958 Includes Pictures
Information Needed about Members of 14th RB&L Bn
The 305th RB&L PsyOp by Robert Conrad
The 14th RB&L Moves From Hawaii To Sukrian Okinawa in 1958

14th Psychological Warfare Battalion

14th PsyWar Bn HQ Machinato Okinawa and Korea Det. 1961-1962: Editor Tim Yoho's Tour
Mission Statement of 14th PsyWar Bn 1962
Documented History of 14th PsyWar Battalion Including 3rd Anniversery Greetings by Unit Commander (1962)
14th PsyWar Bn first to send "Field Support Detachment" to Vietnam ( May 1965) 2nd Detachment sent in July 65 (1st Provisional
Personal Accounts of 14th PsyWar Bn 1958-1965 Includes Pictures and Editor's Tour

7th Psychological Operations Group

Reorganization of the 14th PsyWar to The 7th Group 1965
7th PsyOp Unit History 1968
Film Clip of Machinato Barracks 1201 before Move to Sukiran
7th Group News Account of Operations During 1967. Includes Many  Photos
7th Group Awards and Decorations 1967  
The Role of the 14th Bn in The 7th Group 1967. .Includes Activities and  Awards
 1968 Attack on Pleiku 8th PsyOp Broadcast Station Commanded by Lt Micheal Merkel (7th Group) KIA
STATCOM-PACFO Interaction with 7th PsyOp Groups in Korea
History of 15th PsyOp Detachment Okinawa 1968
Photo Album of Dennis Kaliser: 15th PsyOp Printing Detachment/Machinato/ Revisit To Okinawa
Origin of the 24th PsyOp Detachment: From 1968 7th Group Unit History
Personal Accounts of 7th Group-1971 Includes Pictures

Combined History of 14th Bn and 7th Group

History of the 16th PsyOp Company 1961-1974   Includes Editor Tim Yoho's Tour
The 16th Company Transmitter site at Deragawa Okinawa Rediscovered in 2007
14th Battalion/7th Group Machinato Barracks and Communications Compound Rediscovered in 2007. Update 2018 with YouTube Video From Camp Kinser and 2020 Filmclip of barracks in middle 1960's.
History of Korea Detachments: 14th PsyWar and 7th Group
Rediscovery (2011) of Seoul and Original VUNC B PsyOp Korea Broacast Sites
History of The 18th Detachment/Company
Shurei No Hikari: A Magazine Published by the 14th and 7th Group
A Brief History of PsyOps and Special Forces: an Identifty Crisis