Rediscovery of 14 Bn, 7th PsyOp Group Broadcast Site in Seoul and 14th Bn Original VUNC B Site Near DMZ

Thanks to Russell Kucharski, two locations of former PsyOp broadcast sites in Korea have been rediscovered. Russell who was a Power Generator Specialist with the 14th PsyWar Bn from 1961-63 served at both locations and is the only person I have found who served at the original VUNC B site near Panmunjon. This site was shut down in the Fall of 1961. A brief account of Russell's tour can be viewed at

I had not been to the original "B" site but was at the construction of the new VUNC B site in the Chorwon Valley in 1962. I do not know when the Seoul base was last occupied by U.S. forces. (

I had previously tried to find the Seoul site on Google Earth but having served only one month in Korea (TDY 1962 from Okinawa), I was just not that familiar with the Seoul location especially after almost 49 years. I spent that month at the Seoul compound but also measuring Seoul and Okinawa broadcast signal strength readings near the DMZ. I also spent some time at the Kanghwa-do Island site and the VUNC B site under construction in the Chorwon Valley.

A number of pictures of the Seoul and original VUNC B site can be seen at both of the references above. A partial view of the Seoul site is shown below to compare with present day views from Google Earth. As a reference, note the "dog leg" in the road where broadcast station and generator building is located.

Below: Seoul Compound location in 2011 as seen on Google Earth. Note Namsan Mountain. The Han River is also in view.
Coordinates: 37 31 56.76 N 126 59 17.04 E

Below: Closer View of site. With the help of Russell, some of the buildings and areas of the former site were located. The buildings labeled as "Former" are probably not the same buildings, but newer buidings at the same location. Note the "dog leg" as seen in the first picture which is the former site of the Broacast Station. It is not known who occupies this present day location. It is possible the site could be an ROK installation. In a closer view with Google Earth, the "Motor Pool Bld" appears to have many vehicles in the lot and could still serve that function.

VUNC B Broadcast Site Near Panmunjon
Coordinates: 37 54 33.95 N 126 47 43.31 E

The first image from Google Earth is a macro view of the region. The white "X" marks the location of the VUNC B site. The yellow line is the DMZ.

The next two images show the original facility with broadcast station and living facilities.

The last image shows a Google Earth closer view of the area which is now rice paddies along the Imjin River. The orange dot shows the location of the former broacast station. The blue dot across the road was the location of the barracks, day room, library, px movie theater, barber shop and mess hall.

If you have any comments, corrections or additions, please contact me. Tim Yoho