Robert Conrad served in the 14th Radio Broadcasting and Leaflet Bn prior to its reorganization to the 14th PsyWar Bn on Okinawa. Bob indicated that he was also assigned to the 305th RB&L which was a unit I had not heard of. I asked him to give me more details that he supplied below. More about Robert can be seen on the 14th RB&L Page EDITOR


The 305th RB&L was stationed at an armory on the northwest side of
Chicago. I joined the unit in 1954 while I was a junior at Northwestern. I
joined because I could more or less control when I would be inducted (it was
draft time, remember) and also receive consideration for assignment to the
PsyWar Center or even Hawaii.

I was in the unit long enough to make corporal by the time I went on active duty in October of 1955. They had a radio studio in a semi. I don't remember any printing activity.  When I went on
active duty, I was sent to Ft. Leonard Wood for basic training where I was
converted from Corporal to Spec 4 and then to Ft. Knox to red tape school to
become a company clerk. In the meantime, the 305th sent many letters
supporting my being assigned to the PsyWar Center. 

After graduation from red tape schol, after about a month, I was sent to Ft. Bragg. My training at
Ft. Knox enabled me to do the paper work to get on the levy to Hawaii. After
I was discharged, I returned to the 305th for my two (?) years in the active
reserve. While in Hawaii, I was promoted from Spec 4 to Sergeant (as
Operation Sergeant in the S3 section).

While in the reserve, I made staff sergeant and then temporary master sergeant. We mostly trained people in operating the radio equipment and tape editing and stuff like that. In 1956
and 1957 I do remember going on summer active duty at Ft. Bragg with the
unit, but I haven't the slighest rememberance of what we did. I also cannot
remember the names of any of the members of the unit except Phil Meyer, who
worked at WGN-TV. There was a reserve RB&L here in Cleveland when I first
came to town in 1962. It was stationed at an armory in Warrensville Heights.
I remember driving by and seeing an antenna.

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