Passing of Jack Kellner (1936-2012) VUNC Korea 1960-1962

I received an email on 3/6/13 from Dan McGill (Korea 1964-65) informing me that Jack Kellner had died in 2012. Dan had tried to contact Jack from an email address on my webpage. Jack had contacted me in the 1990's with a brief summary of his tour with pictures in Korea (VUNC Seoul Detachment 1960-1962).

After his tour in Korea, Jack returned to civilain life and became a noted Radio and TV Newsman and Hawaiian "Poi Boy" disk jockey. His career in broadcasting spanned four decades in Hawaii, where he worked as a news anchor, reporter, assignment editor and news director. He died of lung cancer.

Although I may have been in Korea during Jack's tour (1962), I do not remember meeting him. I spent little time at the Seoul Compound and instead traveled to transmitter sites near the DMZ. Like others before Jack and those who will follow, his experience as a "Psywarrior" will be remembered.

For a newspaper account of Jack, please Click Here.

Tim Yoho, Editor