VUNC Seoul Detachment 1960-1962

by Jack Kellner

After 7 months at Fort Bragg at the 4th Radio Broadcasting and Leaflet Bn. I managed to bribe a personnel sgt. to get me shipped out to KD. I was a draftee, Pfc. 703 (Broadcast Specialist) and arrived at KD in the fall of 1960. I worked with a wonderful bunch of Korean nationals, most of them announcers and writers and developed some good friendships with them as well as many of the GIs in the unit. Ed Masters was the DOD civilian and was later replaced by another civilian, Lynne Morrow. The CO was Col. Jody Stewart and the company dog was named "Greyboy". The supply sgt. was Sfc. Mikuchonis and Sfc. Charles Baxtresser was a part of our section.

My scheduled departure from Korea and discharge was delayed by the 'Berlin Crisis', when the wall went up and the tour was extended by three months. I didn't mind because I was truly enjoying it and hesitant to get back to the business of 'real life' where getting serious about career and responsibility was waiting for me.

I left Korea in April of 1962 as a Sp/4 and mustered out of the army at the Presidio of San Francisco.

My time in Korea allowed me to see much of the country with regular visits to Panmunjom as well as every nook and cranny of Seoul. During subsequent visits to Korea I've been able to see much progress there. My last visit was during the 1988 Olympics.

I'm still in touch with just a couple of the guys as well as Bogie Kim who was the senior KN civilian at KD.

Jack Kellner
Sonoma, CA

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