Below is email received 8/22/20 from John Friedson who served in the 18th and then made career of Army retiring as an LTC.

Tim, the 18th PSYOP (Abn) was my first active duty company, 1973-1974 as an Intel Analyst.  From there I went to went briefly to the SGS at Island HQ, the on to West Point Prep School, West Point for a year (screwed up my ankles and left for civilian rehab) then ROTC, and back into the Army for a full career with ADA, the Quartermaster Corps, serving two tours with the 3d ACR including Desert Shield/Storm.  I retired in '96 as an LTC, and now live in Longmeadow, MA

If memory serves me correctly the commander of the 18th at the time was a CPT Davidson.

I have two photos during my time in the 18th.  The first is of me as Soldier of the Quarter and the second as Soldier of The Year.

Regards, jf
John Friedson, LTC USAR (Ret)