Yoho Joho Family Trees

A few family trees are posted below. If you would like your own lineage posted please contact me. The list includes my own lineage to Alsace.

Routschmann Joho's Line in Switzerland From 1395

Herman Eiermann recently published (1997) a history of Joho families in Eberbach Germany. These families are descendents of Conrad Joho (1673-1728) the first Joho immigrant to Eberbach and the 10th generation descendent of Routschmann Joho the earliest known (to this editor) Joho name in Switzerland.

In a letter dated 3/98, Hugh Yoho received the following letter from Ulf Joho which has been paraphrased:

From my birth place, the city of Eberbach near Heidelberg Germany, I received a message from Mr. Hermann Eiermann. Mr. Eiermann had the idea to research the roots of the ancestors of some families who had lived for hundreds of years in Eberbach. So he searched the history of Joho and found the following:

I was born in 1961 and am the 18th generation of documented Joho's found by Mr. Eiermann. All Joho's in Eberbach can be traced back to Conrad Joho, who immigrated from Switzerland in 1700 to Eberbach Germany where he married a widow. He came from the village of Schinznach, county Aargau Switzerland (border country to Germany) where many Joho's lived. After the 30 Years War (1618-1648) in which Switzerland was neutral, many workers emigrated to different destinations in Germany, France and other counties (cantons) of Switzerland. Germany especially was a popular destination because the long war had reduced the population by 50% in many regions. Switzerland on the other hand had too many people for that current agriculture to support.

Conrad Joho's lineage has been traced back to Routschmann Joho who was born in 1395 in the village of Baden Switzerland. He is the oldest known Joho and is therefore considered the first generation. The lineage to Conrad Joho is as follows:

  1. Routschmann Joho (ca 1395) Baden Switzerland
  2. Gery Joho (ca 1435) Baden Switzerland
  3. Unknown Named Son (ca 1460) Baden Switzerland
  4. Unknown Named Son (ca 1490) Baden. Moved to Schinznach Switzerland
  5. Unknown Named Son (ca 1520) Schinznach
  6. Unknown Named Son (ca 1550) Schinznach
  7. Unknown Named Son (ca 1580) Schinznach
  8. Unknown Named Son (ca 1610) Schinznach
  9. *Daniel (1638) Other brothers and sisters: Uli, Ludi, Hans, Jogli, Hans Ulrich
  10. Conrad (1673-1728) Born in Schinznach but moved to Eberbach Germany Ca 1700.
EDITORS NOTE: I have not at this time included the lineage from Conrad to present day. This may be included in the future. If anyone would like this info, please contact me and I will provide.

ADDTIONAL NOTE: This 9th Generation has the logical time line to precede the earliest known generations of the U.S. line, specifically that of Johan Michael Joho (ca 1678), the father of Johannes (1712-1795) who was the first known immigrant to the U.S. Unfortunately, none of the names in this generation include Johan Michael. The link to Johan will most likely be found in previous generations back to Routschmann Joho.

The 9 generation siblings and their offspring follow:

*Daniel Joho (ca 1638) - Elsi Sutler (1st Marriage)

Margareth Erb (2nd Marriage)

  • Hans Jacob (1665)
  • Caspar Simon (1667)
  • Hans (1667) Twin?
  • Sara (1669)
  • Conrad (1673-1728)
Uli Joho (ca 1635) - Susanna Leuffer
  • Hans Caspar (1670)
  • Verena (1673)
  • Elsbeth (1674)
  • Uli (1676)
  • Hans (1680)
Ludi Joho (?) - Elsbeth Jazer
  • Uli (1669)
  • Elsbeth (ca 1674)
Jogli Joho - Anna Schaub
  • Samuel (1673)
  • Anna (1676)
  • Simon (1678)
  • Hans Jacob (1681)
  • Ulrich (1684)

Hans Ulrich Joho - Sara Keller
Anna Dull (2nd Marriage)
Verena Holliger (3rd Marriage)
  • Anna (1672)
  • No Children Listed
  • Hans (1674)
  • Anna (1675)
  • Elsbeth (1677)
  • Anna Magreth (1678)
  • Anna Margrethe (1679)
  • Hans Jacob (1681)
  • Barbara (1683)

David Yoho's Line to Switzerland

David Allen II Yoho's father Jacob Otto Joho (1865-1938) immigrated to the US in the late 1800's and anglicized the name with a "Y". He was a professor and came to this country to lecture. He married Anna Rubinstein and never left this country. David visited Switzerland in 1994 and meet with his relatives who live near Zurich and traced back his family line back 9 generations. His tree extends back to 1620:
  1. David Allen II 1928-

  2. David Allen I 1902-

  3. Jacob Otto Joho 1865 (Schoftland)-1938 (Philadelphia)

  4. Hans Jacob Joho 1841 (Auenstein)- 1906

  5. Hans Jacob Joho 1808 (Auenstein)-1869

  6. Jacob Joho 1767 (Auenstein)-1837

  7. Hans Joho 1725 (Auenstein)-?

  8. Abraham Joho 1689 (Auenstein)-?

  9. Christoph Joho 1665 (Auenstein)-?

  10. Hans Jacob Joho 1620 (Auenstein)-?

Dave Yoho may be reached at Dave Yoho Associates 10803 W. Main St., Farifax VA 22030 (703) 591-2490 FAX (703) 273-6626

Editors Note: No connection has been found between this Joho line and Johannes Joho the original immigrant.

Jean-Jacques Joho's Line in Switzerland

Hugh Yoho, using a phone book from the French Consulate recently wrote to several Joho's in alsace, asking for family information. One letter was sent to Albert Joho. His son Jean who lives in Lausanne responded. Jean indicated he had also received a letter from Jean-Jacques of Liebefeld who had included his researched family line. In other letters, Jean-Jacques indicated that all Joho's originated in Switzerland and may have moved to France or Germany. The family line supplied by Jean-Jacques is as follows:
  1. Andreas Joho (1740-?) Arrived in Schinznach Settled in Auenstein
    • Jakob (1763-1830)
  2. Jakob Joho (1763-1830)
    • Johann (1791-1865)
    • Samuel (1793-1833)
  3. Johann Joho (1791-1865)
    • Jakob (1820-1912)
    • Johann Kaspar (1825-1894)
  4. Jakob Joho (1820-1912)
    • Hans (1860-1935)
    • Jakob (1865-1923)
    • Elizabeth (1867-1941)
    • Samuel (1870-1944)
  5. Hans Joho (1860-1935)
    • Jakob (1891-1957)
    • Bertha (1892-1957)
    • Emil (1894-1908)
    • Dora (1900-?)
    • Hedwig (1902-?)
  6. Jakob Joho (1891-1957)
    • Rosmarie (1920- )
    • Jean-Jacques (1924- )
  7. Jean-Jacques (1924- )
    • Claudine (1964- )

Source: Hugh Yoho: 10725 Art St. Sunland CA 91040

Jean-Pierre's Line in Switzerland

Jean-Pierre Joho lives in Geneve the French speaking part of Switzerland. I discovered his name in library research and sent him a letter in 1978. I met him while in Geneve in 1985. He is a professor in the Orthodontic Department at the University of Geneve. Below is part of correspondence from Jean Pierre:

I can only congratulate you on your research which brought you back to the 1700's. As to the spelling with "Y" or "J", the only time I have seen our name spelled Yoho was on letters I got from people living in the states.

Now, let me go back to my own family and its composition at the present day. My great grandfather, Samuel Joho, must have lived somewhere between 1850 and 1910. One of his sons, my grandfather Karl Joho died in 1938 at the age of 55 or 56, so he was born somewhere around 1885. His son, my father Carl Joho, was born on Feburary 12th 1911 in Auenstein in the Canton of Aargau followed by dental studies in Geneva and Basle. He became a dentist in 1936 and settled in Mollis, Canton of Glaris where he is still practising half time. From his first marriage with Nelly Dubied, born in 1912, he had two children: my sister Suzanne Joho, born June 25th 1942 and myself Jean-Pierre, born January 27th 1939. My mother died in 1952 at the age of 40. My father then remarried Hanny Streiff. This second marriage did not have any children.

As to myself, I married Claudine Konrad in 1963 and have two children, Stephanie and Thierry. After dental studies in Geneva and Zurich, I went through orthodonic training at the University of Zurich, followed by two years of graduate training at the University of Washington in Seattle. where I also did my M.S. in dentistry.

When I showed your letter to my father, he told me that one of his uncles, Rudolf Joho, who lived in Aarau and worked as "Stadtschreiber", which is something like main secretary of the city council, had undertaken a similar research trying to gather a family tree. One of his sons, Max Joho, is still living in Basle.

Jene-Pierre's address is 1211 Geneve 4, le 19, rue Barthelemy-Menn.

Editors Note: Jean- Pierre and I corresponded a few times over the years, but no further family history was provided.

Werner Joho's Line In Switzerland

Werner Joho lives in Villigen which is in the german part of Switzerland. I also found his name in library research and sent him a letter in 1978. His responsed with some interesting information about Joho history and he included what he had researched in his family line. Although I was in Switzerland in 1985, I was unable to reach him to schedule a visit. Below is partial correspondence with Werner:

With interest I read your letter inquiring about your possible family roots. Joho is indeed a Swiss name and there are two possible origins which I know. One branch of the Joho's have citizenship in the village of Auenstein, Canton of Aargau. These families are of prostestant faith. The other branch, where I belong are of catholic faith and come from the village of Bettwil, also in the Canton of Aargau.

About 20 years ago I investigated my family line and could trace it back to a Peter Joho born in 1773. Further back there were no records in the village of Bettwil, probably because the books got lost during the raid by the troops of Napeleon around 1800. I know of only a Paul Joho, who is a physicist at the high school of Zurich. He is related to me by Bonaventus Joho.

I have a Ph.D. in physics and have a research position at the cyclotron facilities of the Swiss Institute of Nuclear Research in Villigen. I spent two years from 1971 to 1973 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver Canada.

  1. Werner Joho 1938-

  2. Josef Joho 1911-

  3. Josef Leonz Joho 1882-1972

  4. Jakob Joho 1849-1933

  5. Peter Joho 1809-1881
    • Kathrina 1800-1870
    • Kaspar 1802-1880
    • Jakob Leonz 1804-1850
    • Maria Anna 1812-?
    • Josef 1815-?
    • Bonaventur 1817-?
  6. Peter Joho 1778-1846

Werner Joho's lives at Distelweg 3, Wuerenlingen Switzerland.

Editors Note: No connection was found between this line and Johannes Joho. This line needs to be traced back further to determine if this is the link to Johannes.

Tim Yoho's Line to Alsace

My family line is traced back to Johan Michael and Susanna Gelker Joho who lived in Sulzthal, Alsace which is on the border of Switzerland and France between the Rhine and Vosges Mts. Johannes was born ca 1678 but his birth place and parents have not been determined. He was reportedly a meat cutter and may have served as a soldier in Alsace. He and Susanna had at least four children. One of his children, Johannes immigrated to the U.S. in 1738 with his wife Susanna Lau Joho. Before coming to the U.S., Johannes was listed as a wooden shoe-maker in Sulzthal Alsace (Denver Yoho). Further information about Johannes and Susanna can be found in the description of "The First Immigrants".

  1. Johan Michael Joho (1678- abt 1735) and Susanna Gelker (?)
    • Johannes Conrad (1705-1729)
    • Johannes (1712-ca1795) probably buried at Peter Yoho Cemetery
    • Anna Maria Margaretha (1714-?)
    • Johannes Michael (ca 1718-?)

  2. Johannes Joho (1712-ca 1795) and Susanna Lau Joho (ca 1714-?)
    • Marie Christine (1735-1738) Born in Alsace
    • Maria Christinia (1740-?) Born Conewago PA.
    • Eva Catrina (1741-?) Conewago PA. Mar. George Lemley
    • Peter (1745-1823) Near Winchester VA.
    • John (ca 1746-?) Ibid
    • George (?-1795) Ibid
    • Henry (1752-1845) Ibid Mar. Catharine Baker
    • Prudence (?) Mar. Vincent Parsons
    • Jacob (1765-1851) Mar. Margaret Dailey
    • Barbara (1765-1816) Mar. James Bradford

  3. Peter Yoho (1745-1823 Yoho Cemetery) and Margaret Baker (ca 1761-ca 1848)
    • John (1775-1853 Headley Ridge Monroe Co. OH.) Mar. Mary Gates
    • Margaret (1777-1809 Monroe Co. OH. Pioneer Cemetery) Mar. Simon Archer
    • Mary (1778-1856 Graysville WV) Married Christian Gatts
    • Henry Jr. (1781-1862 Yoho Cem.)
    • Samuel (1782-1835 Pioneer Cem.) Mar. Elizabeth Prebble
    • Peter (1787-1861 Pioneer Cem.) Mar. Sarah Morris
    • Jacob (1792-1864 Marshall Co. WV)
    • Lewis (1794-1875 Ibid) Mar. Eleanor Cooper and Eliz. Cook
    • Isaac (1799-1881) Mar. Rhonda Mason
    • William (1800-?) Mar. Rebecca Dehart
    • Elizabeth (?) Mar. Daniel Baker (her 1st cousin)

  4. Henry Yoho Jr. (1781-1862) and Annabelle Buchanan (1780-1873) Henry was a farmer and lived on Fish Creek near Graysville, WV. He bought his fathers farm from 10 other heirs.
    • George (1806-1890 Antioch Cem. Marshall Co. WV)
    • Peter (1809-1887 Yoho Cem.) Mar. Mary Jane Mayhall
    • Catherine (1813-1876 Parsons Cem. Burch Ridge WV) Mar. Jehu Parsons
    • Margaret (1813-1887 Parsons Cem.) Mar. Joseph Parsons
    • Rachel (1815-1898 Yoho Cem.) Mar. Lazarus Rine
    • James (1817-1900 Yoho Cem.) Mar. Mary Polly Garner
    • Elizabeth (ca 1820-?) Mar. Thomas Ruckman
    • Mary (ca 1823-1901 Yoho Cem.) Mar. William Yoho
    • Henry B. (1826-1903 Yoho Cem.) Mar. Catherine Kelley

  5. George Yoho (1806-1890) and Rachel Garner (1808-1868)
    • Henry (1831-1910 Rines Ridge Marshall Co.) Mar. Susan Kelly
    • Timothy (1834-1912 Northview Cem. New Martinsville WV)
    • James (1837-1895 Mt. Joy Cem. Howard WV) Mar. Mary Eller
    • Mary (1841-1927) Mar. Nicholas Gatts
    • Anna Belle (1845-1924 ) Mar. James Gatts brother to Nicholas
    • Katherine (1848-1916 Antioch Cem.) Mar. Absolin Eller and Robert Goddard
    • Jeremiah (Jerry) (1828-1890 Guyan Townhouse Cem. OH) Founded Yoho Ohio Mar. Jane Henthorn
    • Elizabeth (?) Mar. William Montgomery and Nicholas ?
    • Joshua (1843-1922 Mt. Joy Cem. Howard WV) Mar. Catherine Sarah Monroe

  6. Timothy Yoho (1834-1912) and Mary Jane Kelley (1836-1916)

    All that was written here was provided by my father Herbert Yoho:

    Timothy was a farmer and at one time owned a considerable portion of the "bottom land" along the Ohio River above New Martinsville WV. With additional land on Birch Ridge, he owned approximately 1200 acres. He and Mary "went to house keeping" in a log cabin which he built. He had $40 dollars and she had a cow. The cabin, which no longer remains, was located between the present day Mobay and PPG Chemical Companies on U.S. Rt. 2.

    Timothy built another home with a barn in 1902. The house has since been torn down but the barn remains. One can still see his initials "TY" which he wrote in different color shingles on its roof. The barn is located on Rt. 2 above New Martinsville. Reportedly very tight with his money, someone once asked him why he didn't spend some of his money. He replied: "I don't enjoy spending money. I enjoy making it". When his home was torn down years ago, $25,000 was found hidden away.

    If anyone wanted to talk with Timothy, they would have to follow him in the field where he worked. He had a rope tied at the foot of his bed so he could pull himself out of bed in the morning.

    My father Herbert remembers that Timothy's wife Jane Kelly smoked a corn cob pipe and had a corn cob on a stick to scratch her back. Jane lived about 10 years after Timothy's death in 1912.

    • Eugene Cyrus (1860-1935)
    • Friend Francis (1869-1936) Mar. Laura Lou Wayman
    • Jefferson W. (1874-?) Mar. Alma Wayman
    • Virginia (1863-1878)

  7. Eugene Cyrus Yoho (1860-1935) and Mary (Molly) Rine (1862-1954)

    Herbert Yoho, my father writes about Cyrus Yoho:

    My grandfather was very well known. In his funeral procession there were 125 cars. At that time not many people owned cars. He would loan money to anyone who asked and many times it was not repaid.

    He had a farm at Kent, Marshall County WV. The land, 400 acres was left to him by his father Timothy. In 1924 he had a new house built there. It remains today but looks bad. He gave each of his children $5,000 each.

    Cyrus would buy a load of coal from Fairmont WV in the fall. Word would go out and people from Birch and Rines Ridge would come to purchase some. When the coal was weighed at the scale, some people would say, I'm short, I'll pay you later but some never did.

    Cyrus' wife was named Molly. She was the daughter of my great grand parents Wesley Rine. They had 10 children. One time when I visited them, they served buck wheat cakes. I poured what I thought was syrup only to find it was meat grease. It was what they used in place of syrup.

    • Clark (1887-?) Mar. Lulu Wykert
    • Edgar Winfield (1883-1970)
    • Elizabeth (1889-?)

  8. Edgar Winfield Yoho (1883-1970) and Bessie Luthy (1889-1953)

    My father Herbert writes about his father:

    My father was the kindest, most gentle, and hardest working person I have ever known. He married Bessie Luthy whose grand parents came from Switzerland. There the name is spelled Luthi.

    My dad used to say: In the fall of the year, if he had his hogs butchered and smoked, had $50, and mom had canned goods, he felt safe until Spring.

    He used to take 10 bu. of wheat to Albert Yoho's Mill in Proctor. Albert would grind the wheat and keep 3 bu. to pay for the 7 bu. Edgar took home. Money rarely changed hands in those days. As a boy I can remember taking butter and eggs to the store and exchanging them for groceries. Many memories remain with me.

    Edgar was not only a farmer, he also worked as a prison guard at the former West Virginia State Prison at Moundsville WV. His farm and home are still present at "Round Bottom" on Rt. 2 across from the Moundsville Country Club.

    • Herbert (1913-1998)
    • Gerald (1909-1983)
    • Virginia (1911-1986)
    • Freda (1915-2000 )

  9. Herbert Yoho (1913-1998) and Helen Silver (1913-2004)

    My father who provided much of the above information about Timothy, Cyrus, and Edgar Yoho, worked as a route salesman for Marshall Dairy for 38 years. Before his retirement, he was very active in the community serving on the Marshall County School Board, the Moundsville City Council and was president of the Moundsville Booster Club.

    He was on the School Board at the time the building of John Marshall High School was approved. His name is on the corner stone of the building. He was also largely responsible for the building of Moundsville High School football stadium and the field house both now used by John Marshall. He went door to door across the city of Moundsville asking people to support the construction of those buildings. He was recently honored at a half time ceremony during a John Marshall football game where a long list of his accomplishments were announced.

    I will add that like his father, I think my father is the kindest, most gentle, and hardest working man I have ever known.

    • Philip (1934-) Mar. Joan Wise
    • Joanne (1936-) Mar. Harold Ray
    • Timothy (Tim) P.(1941-) Mar. Judith Keegan
    • Kathleen (1948-1991) Married Dennis Balcom

  10. Timothy (Tim) P. Yoho (1941-) and Judith A. Keegan (1949-)
    • Kristy Keegan (1969-) Mar. Sean Leitz
    • Amy Keegan (1971-) Mar. Jeff Long