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The following are known "Yoho" Places.. Some have no apparant relationship to the Swiss origin of the name. If other Yoho places are known and or if more information is known about the items in the Menu please Contact Me.

Yoho Road and Creek Australia 1/26/07

Yoho Burgess Shale

Peter Yoho Cemetery
Ohio Yoho Cemetery
Yoho Head/Cove Maine: Mystery of Name Solved 1/14/08
Yoho International Youth Hotel
Yoho National Park
Yoho Natural Stone Inc
Yoho Ohio
Yoho Real Estate Agency
USS Yoho (S.P. No. 463) WWI Ship
Yoho School
Yohe House

Yoho Burgess Shale

The Yoho Burgess Shale formation is located in an area of the Canadian Rocky Mountains known as the Burgess Pass, and is located in British Columbia's Yoho National Park. The Burgess Shale contains the best record of Cambrian animal fossils.. The Yoho Burgess Shale Foundation is an organization to increase the exposure of the general public to Earth Science, and in particular to educate and promote interest in Geology and Paleontology.

Peter Yoho Cemetery

The Yoho Cemetery located in Marshall County West Virginia is thought to be the burial place of Peter Yoho, son of Johannes, one of the original immigrants to the U.S. There is also the possibility that Johannes and his wife Susanna are also buried here.

The Yoho cemetery evidenly had been neglected for many years until it was cleaned up by Sullivan Yoho of Proctor WV. An article about his efforts appeared in the April 1996 Volume 5 Edition of "THE YOHO NEWSLETTER". The article is reprinted here with the permission of the editor Robert Coffield.

This year's "Yoho of the Year" award goes to Sullivan Yoho, who took it upon himself the past few years to locate and clean up what Sullivan said he believes is the oldest burying place of the Yoho family in Marshall County, West Virginia.

According to Sullivan, he has lived near this cemetery for seventy years. He stated, "I can remember Mr. Floyd Berisford kept a fence around this plot to keep livestock out and that Boyd Shank and his boys always kept the graves cleaned off. During the last several years, these two men passed away. The fence had fallen down and vines and brush had hidden the graveyard except for the white cedar tree located in the center of the cemetery."

Sullivan said, "When I went by this place, I kept telling myself that I should clean the graveyard up since I had three Granddads and other relatives buried there." During the spring of 1993, Sullivan began what turned out to be a three year project. In the spring of 1993, he began by cutting a path up from the road and into the graveyard with a corn cutter and grub hoe. According to Sullivan, "the multiflora rose bushes were so thick that he came away from that bloodied." But he told me that he wasn't going to quit until he cleared all the brush out of the old cemetery.

During the spring of 1994, Sullivan and John E. Kelley, who also has relatives buried in the cemetery, got permission from Mrs. Floyd Berisford to continue the work of cleaning up the cemetery. They were able to clean up apporximately one-third of the cemetery. In 1995, the "cemetery clean up project" came to a head when Sullivan decided to take drastic measures to clean out the multiflora rose that continued to grow in the cemetery. As he proudly told me one day, he headed into the cemetery with his skid loader and bucket, lifted those thorns and weeds out by the roots, and placed them in a big pile. He continued by saying, "No one even knows the satisfaction I got from penetrating those thorns with my machine." Since that time, Sullivan has sowed winter wheat in the cemetery and built a new fence around the cemetery. In addition, Sullivan has had a marker made for Peter Yoho (1745-1823) who he believes is buried in the cemetery. Sullivan also had the assistance of Lyle W. Yoho, who made a sign for the entrance to the cemetery.

To get to the cemetery, leave State Route 2, either on Route 74 or Route 27. Travel east through Graysville, West Virginia to the first pasture field on Fish Creek Road (Rt. 74). The cemetery is located on the left.

Henry Yoho Jr. (1781-1862) son of Peter is also reported to be buried in the Yoho Cemetery.

Another cemetery worth exploring is the Antioch Church Cemetery near the Marshall Wetzel County lines. George Yoho (1806-1890), grandson of Peter and sons of Henry Jr. is buried here with his wife Rachel Gardner.

Antioch Chuch Cemetery

Yoho Cemetery In Ohio

The Yoho cenetery at Batesville, Independence Co., Ohio is located at the upper end of Seneca Lake. It is (or was) located on a spit of land on the shoreline, between Routes 147 and 513. The graves are (have been) eroded away by the action of the lake waters

Mrs James Robert Yoho prepared a survey of the Yoho Cemetery, located near Cambridge, Ohio. She wrote: The cemetery is located on a penisula sticking out in Seneca Lake on Route 313, east of Kennonsburg, Ohio.


Richard Henthorn

Yoho Head and Cove Maine

Yoho Head maine is an ocean front residental area in Little Kennebec Bay, Washington County Maine. The adjacent picture of "Yoho Head" looks like a dog with a floppy ear..The location also has a "Yoho Creek" and "Yoho Cove" but are unmarked on picture.

Until recently (1/14/08) I had no information about the origin of this area and had little success in making contacts with people living in the region..The only contact was made with a local fisherman who said although he had lived in the area for many years, did not know origin of Yoho names.

In Jan 2008 I discovered what may be the origin of this area in the an article below that consists of 3 pages of information.:

"The Legend of Yoho Cove"
Richard M. Dorson
Western Folklore, Vol. 18, No. 4 (Oct., 1959), pp. 329-331
doi:: 10.2307/1497758

Turns out the word "Yoho" is a name used to describe a legendary "Big Foot" beast called "Yeahoh" that comes out of the woods and attacks people. A partial description from the above article appears below:

Yoho Head and Yoho Cove Maine therefore have nothing to do with the use of our Yoho Family Name.

Click For Web Page Called "Yoho Head Ventures"


Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park is located Western Canada British Columbia. Although there is evidence the Swiss explored this part of Canada there is no known connection to the Swiss origin of Yoho.

The Canadian Yoho Name has been described as a Cree Indian word meaning awesome and beautiful or beautiful land.. It seems likely this is a second independent origin of the Name Yoho. There is a possibility that use of the Yoho name for some families may have come from the Cree Indian usage and not from the Swiss origin.

Both of the adjacent pictures come from a Yoho National Park Web Site. Another Site has additional description of the 1313 sq mile park with some beautiful pictures.



Yoho Ohio

A portion of the following account of Yoho Ohio as described by Denver Yoho appeared in the "Times Sentinel," Gallipolis and Pomeroy, Ohio and Point Pleasant, WV July 23 1989.
On June 2, 1882 a post office was established at Yoho with Jerry (Jeremiah ) Yoho serving as the first postmaster. The village of Yoho was founded by Jerry on land that he farmed and used in his freighting business. According to a history compiled in 1984 by Denver Yoho, a great grandson; Jerry Yoho was born about 1828 in Ohio County, Virginia. Before coming to Gallia County just before 1870, Jerry had also lived in Monroe County, Ohio and in Mason County, Virginia (now West Virginia). In due time Yoho had purchased over 200 acres of land along what is now State Route 218 near the Guyan Township townhouse.

During the time there was a community called Yoho we note an occassional byline in the various newspapers of Yoho news. In the 1890's the village had a baseball team known as the Yoho Clippers. In 1882 the Yoho column included information about the need for farmers to diversify their crops. Sunflowers can produce on good ground 25 to 30 bushels of seed per acre and there is a ready market at $1.50 per bushel.

While Yoho might have been 100 years ahead of the times in regard to innovative farm techniques, it apparently was in the same boat as others with regard to insects, particularly the grasshopper and the potato bug. One Yoho man raised turkeys to eat the grasshoppers but one year he complained the grasshoppers hatched out too far ahead of his turkeys. Another Yoho farmer was asking for a pension as he was crippled while in the line of duty fighting potato bugs.

Jerry Yoho who lived until 1890 and is buried in the Guyan Townhouse Cemetery weighed over 300 pounds. States Denver Yoho: "He (Jerry) rode a dun pony weighing about 800 pounds over the farm while supervising his various enterprises. This large man on so small a horse was very conspicuous. He was a big eater and was especially fond of roasting ears. It is said that in a hotel in Gallipolis he ate 12 ears of corn with a meal and when he was paying for the meal he was advised the the cost was 15 cents. He replied that he thought the cost of the meal was 25 cents. The cashier said, "It is Mr. Yoho, but we only charge 15 cents for horse feed."

Denver also reports that the Yoho's were pro confederate during the Civil War. Jerry lived in a house on the river bank across from Eureka at that time on property presently owned by a power company. His father George Yoho born 1806, was taking his noon nap on Jerry's porch during the war when a Union Soldier came upon him and ran his bayonet up the old mans belly cutting off buttons but not doing other damage.

George was driving one of Jerry's wagons pulled by oxen through Gallipolis after the war when the former soldier walked in front of his oxen. The street was mud almost belly deep to the oxen and pedestrians crossing the street had little control of their actions and had to use caution to keep the mud from sucking the boots from their feet. In my grandfathers words, "When the soldier got within the reach of grandpaps bull whip he whiped the clothes off him, saying God Damn you! There ain't no Civil War going on now!"

Source: Denver Yoho

The Yoho School

The Yoho School was located in Marshall County WV. The history of this school will be added in the future if more information can be found.

USS Yoho (S.P. No. 463)

June 14, 1919: U.S.S. Patrol No. 7 (SP. No. 31, motor boat), sunk while in tow of U.S. subchaser 241 and tied up to U.S.S. Yoho (S.P. No. 463) between Scituate, Massachusetts and Minot's Ledge about 15 miles southeast o Boston Light Vessel, Massachusetts; later raised and sold; no casualities.

I could find no other information about this vessel other than source below. (Choose "Misc Causes" June 14, 1919)


  • http://www.usmm.org/ww1navy.html


The Yohe House

I received information about "The Yohe House" from Valerie Kramer: ( Funzone@harborside.com)

I picked up a flyer for "The Yohe House" at 316 South Second, Lincoln Kansas. On the front of the flyer it reads, A 1885 Queen Anne Victorian home with furnishings owned by the Lincoln County Historical Society, Lincoln, Kansas.

Guided tours Sundays at 3pm, $5 per person, groups of 5 or more $4 per person Proceeds benefit the upkeep of the Yohe House and Gardens. Other appointment times call 524-4934, 524-4001, 524-4744, 524-4614.

Inside the flyer it reads, >From the desk of Lucretia Yohe

My Dear Friends,

You are cordially invited to visit my 1885 four story Victorian home in Lincoln County, Kansas. Inside, you will find the treasures of my life! My china closets are filled with the dishes that Della Yohe, my husband Ben's first wife, painted. My dining room table sparkles with her gold rimmed initialed china and crystal.

You'll see my peacock, parlour pump organ and Victrola. My coffee grinders, butter churn, and cookie cutters are displayed in my nice kitchen hoosier. Upstairs, you'll see my pink, green, and black tiled bathrooms, tiny sun room, grand carved beds and some dressers, hats, and shoes. Peek into my sewing room for a look at how I created my fashion dolls and United States President dolls that I designed and dressed.

In 1988, I left my house and belongings to the Lincoln County Historical Society for all to enjoy. Plan an enjoyable tour, guided by one of my talkative friends.

Please come and visit my treasure house! Yours truly, Lucretia Yohe

P.S. I like school children. Special activities for different grade levels are arranged for you. Valerie Kramer Email: funzone@harborside.com The Downtown Fun Zone Web Page: http://www.harborside.com/funzone 832 Hwy 101, Box 49 Voice/Fax: (541) 332-6565 Port Orford OR 97465 Hours: 9:30-6pm M-Thu, 9:30-7pm Fri&Sat, closed Sun


Yoho Creek and Road Australia

Ryan David of Australia who is currently living in Boston sent (1/22/07) me this information about a Yoho Creek and Road. In follow up conversation with him and Phil Joho who also lives in Australia, neither had any additional information about the origin and use of the Yoho name.

Hi there,

Near the mining township of Rapid Bay in South Australia there is a creek
known as Yoho creek. There used to be a pastoral station at the same site,
but that is long gone (late 1800s). The Yoho creek is currently recognised
as one of the current borders used to describe the Encounter Bay marine
park. There is also a Yoho Road.

The following site shows a map of the location:


Ryan followed with another e-mail indication there is also a poem about "Yoho CreeK

A poem by Peter Goldsworthy, one of Australia's most
prominent writers, is titled "Winter Hymn: Yoho Creek". It includes a
description of the very beautiful setting of the whitewashed local Uniting
(Methodist) Church. The poem is stracted in a review:


I have very fond memories of the Yoho Creek road and church, it is a lovely setting. Unfortunately I ave no photos, and currently I am living in Boston (USA) so won't be down there any tme soon. Certainly enjoying the novelty of the cold weather!

Hope this is of interest,
Kind regards,

E-Mail from Phil Joho who is originally from Switzerland and has settled in Australia:

    Hi Ryan and Tim,
    That IS interesting - I had never heard of such a place (never actually
    been to that part of OZ). I did some Googling and found a "flinders
    rangers research place, but they had no info at hand. They were willing
    to research - but at a fee!


    Hope you're well Tim,



    Source E-Mail:

  • Ryan David
  • Phil Joho