The Yoho Newsletter was a yearly publication of The Yoho Family Association. It was funded entirely from donations and was edited by Vicki Hodgeman of Moundsville, WV and Robert Coffield of Charleston, WV

This unique publication was typically two to three pages printed front and back with articles submitted by family members. The first edition was printed in 1992 and the last in 2000. All edtitions will be posted as completed.

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Newsletter Editions

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Other Yoho Stories submitted to the Tim Yoho Page can be seen by CLICKING HERE. If you would like to submit a story with or without photos please contact me.

In discussion with Robert Coffield former Editor of the Yoho Newsletter, the Newsletter could be continued on the Tim Yoho Page depending on input from readers.

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April 1992 Newsletter Volume 1, Number 1


April 1993 Newsletter Volume 2, Number 1

1992 Yoho Reunion   (Includes Pic of Herb Yoho, Father of Web Page Editor Tim Yoho)

April 1994 Newsletter Volume 3, Number 1

April 1995 Newsletter Volume 4, Number 1


April 1996 Newsletter Volume 5, Number 1

April 1997 Newsletter Volume 6, Number 1

The James Robert Yoho Family : Removed at Request of James Robert Family

April 1998 Newsletter Volume 7, Number 1

May 1999 Newsletter Volume 8, Number 1


May 2000 Newsletter Volume 9, Number 1

Note: This is the last Newsletter Published by the Yoho Association

From Editor's Desk Includes Picture of Editor's Dad LeMoyne Coffield
Clarice (Eller) Stanley Submitted by Vernon Anderson and Dick Henthorn

This Completes All the published Yoho Newsletters. If you would like to continue the Newsletter Via this web page, Please contact me

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