The "Y" Shaped Yoho Houses

Hugh Yoho of Sunland California submitted the picture and description of "Y" shaped houses built by Yoho Families. In picture, Hugh is shown standing in front of the Vincent Yoho home at intersection of Burch and Rines Ridge.

Bud Yoho questioned Mark Yoho, Sr. about the Yoho houses built in the shape of a "Y". Mark said the following, and I have no doubt he is correct:
George N. Yoho built a house in the shape of a "Y" for Yoho on a hill just outside of Cameron, Marshall County, WV, and this is where he lived. This house is still standing. I visited there as a very small child but of course had no idea of the home's shape. I don't know who is living there now.
George N. Yoho built a similar house near the Mount Joy Church on Greenfield Ridge, several miles from from Cameron. This house burned down. My grandfather, Hoadley Yoho (George's brother), lived on Greenfield Ridge, but I don't know if he ever occupied this house. I have a picture of my Father at about the age of 10 and his father, Hoadley, standing in front of a house on Greenfield Ridge, but that house is definitely not one of the "Y" houses.
George's brother, Vincent Yoho, built a similar house at the intersection of Burch Ridge and Rines Ridge in Marshall County, WV, and it is still standing. When I was a boy, Vincent's son Jacob was living there. Evidently Jacob wanted to leave this house to his son Joshua (Bud's Father), but Joshua wasn't interested. The house eventually ended up in the hands of Paul Yoho, Vincent's nephew. Paul then sold the home to someone from Baltimore and it is no longer occupied by anyone in the Yoho family.