History and Descendants of Jacob Yoho
(1765 - 1851)

According to family tradition, Jacob Yoho was the son of Johannes Joho (Bet 1701/1712 - 1795 and Susanna Lau (Bet 1702/1713 - ?). The age of Susanna at the time of Jacob's birth presents a problem in accepting her as the mother. (Yoho Page).

The history of Jacob has been reported by a number of researchers including Denver Yoho and Hugh Yoho. A compilation of this research was submitted to the Marshall County, WV Virtual Genealogy Society by Vernon Anderson. (Webpage)

Below this history is a downloadable file of the descendants of Jacob

Jacob Yoho was born on 8 JUL 1765 in Beaver Co, PA. He died on 24 AUG 1851 in Guernsey Co, OH. He was buried in Yoho Cem, Batesville, Independence Co, OH.

It is reported that he served in the Revolutionary War and that a pension claim was denied. Problem:

It has not been proved that Jacob Yoho is the son of Johannes Yoho. Denver Clayton Yoho wrote: Family tradition for Jacob Yoho, b. 1765, is that he brought his family from Vinton Co., PA (probably Vintondale Boro of Cambria Co., PA. Note per Clarice V. Stanley: As we have never found a Vinton Co., PA) in a covered wagon to Fort Henry, then went to Noble Co., OH (now Guernsey Co., OH) where he settled on Wills Creek about 1808. Jacob died in Guernsey Co., OH. (22 Apr 1988).

The Indian Wars By Denver Yoho April 1995. We have records of at least four, and possibly five, Yoho ancestors who served as soldiers during the Indian Wars and the American Revolution, including George Yoho, Peter Yoho, John Yoho, Henry Yoho and Jacob Yoho. These five men are believed to be five of the sons of Johannas Yoho (born 1712 and died circa 1795) and Susanne Catherine (Lau) Yoho (born circa 1714). Following is information and records evidencing my conclusions relating to the service of these men in the Indian Wars.

Jacob Yoho was born on July 8, 1765, in Pennsylvania and died on August 24, 1851, in Guernsey County, Ohio. Jacob also took part in the Indian Wars and made a request for a pension. He enlisted at West Liberty, Virginia (West Virginia) and served five years under Captain McMahon and John McCulloch, was honorably discharged at Dillys Ferry, Ohio (now known as Grave Creek), and appeared on the muster roll of said company. Jacob's pension request was denied on the grounds that neither his name, nor the names of the officers mentioned, could be found on the army rolls. He made his request on November 11, 1850, at the age of eighty-six, when he was a resident of Guernsey County, Ohio. He stated that he was a soldier in the company of a Captain McMahon in the regiment commanded by Benjamin Biggs. His pension rejection does not necessarily mean that Jacob Yoho did not serve, due to the fact that by the time the pension legislation was passed many years had elapsed since the wars and many of the men who had served were well advanced in age, making proof of service difficult to ascertain. (Source: The Yoho Newsletter, April 1995, Vol. 4, No. 1).

James Robert Yoho wrote: Jacob Yoho, Sr. was one of the first settlers in the new state of Ohio. He settled on the forks of Beaver and Wills Creeks, that is to say, where they joined, Section 8, Range 8, Twp. 8. He purchased 160 acres of government land and built a log cabin, in 1805, that was still standing in 1887. The brick chimney remained standing long after the house was torn down. He also built a long barn in 1805. (See Noble County History by Watkins - 1887)

Land records in Guernsey Co., OH reveal that Jacob Yoho obtained a land grant there in 1811, Vol. B, p. 169. There is also a Jacob Yoho on the 1810 Ohio Co., VA census. Jacob Yoho removed from Pennsylvania to Wills Creek, Noble Co., OH. Later, about 1805, he moved to Guernsey Co., OH. Census: 1820, in Guernsey Co., OH, Richland Twp. Jacob Yoho with two sons [Note: He was the only Yoho in Guernsey Co., OH for this census.] (Source: Census information from Catharine Fedorchak column, 29 Jan 1974).

Land Patent Record Pat. 654, Vol. 64, Page 403, Order# 225951-L. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, President of the United States of America, To all to whom these Presents shall come, GREETING: No. 656 Know Ye, That, Jacob Yoho of Guernsey County, Ohio having deposited in the General Land Office, a Certificate of the Register of the Land Office at Zanesville whereby it appears that full payment has been made for the North East quarter of section Twelve, in Township Eight of Range Eight, containt one hundered and fifty-nie acres of the Lands directed to be sold at Zanesville, Ohio by the Act of Congress, entitled "An act providing for the sale of the Lands of the United States, in the Territory north-west of the Ohio, and about the mouth of the Kentucky River," and of the acts amendatory of the same, There is Granted, by the United States, unto the said Jacob Yoho & to his heirs the quarter lot or section of Land above described: To have and to hold the said quarter lot or section of Land, with the Appurtenances, unto the said Jacob Yoho & to his heirs and assigns forever. In testimony whereof, I have caused these Letters to be made PATENT, and the Seal of the GENERAL LAND OFFICE to be herunto affixed. GIVEN under my hand at the City of Washington, the twenty third day of Jun in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and twenty five and of the Independence of the United States the forty ninth. . By the President, s/J.Q. A.... [Note: the characters after the "A" are faint] J.G. Commissioner of the General Land Office. (Source: United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Eastern States Office, 7981 Eastern Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910, April 16, 1974. I hereby certify that this photograph is a true copy of the patent record, which is in my custody in this office. s/Jesse J. Felix, Certifying Officer. - copy of the patent furnished by Robert and Vivian Yoho).

1832 Land Sale. On 7 Mar 1832, Jacob Yoho and his wife, Margaret, sold a portion of the land purchased in 1811 to Benjamin Wilson. (Source: Guernsey Co., OH records, Vol. G, p. 486).

War of 1812 Bounty Land Claim. State of Ohio; Guernsey County. On this 11th day of November A.D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty personally appeared before me a justice of the peace within and for the County and State aforesaid Jacob Yoho aged eighty-six years a resident of Wright Township, Guernsey Couny Ohio who being duly sworn according to law declares that he is the identical Jacob Yoho who was a soldier in the Company commanded by Captain William McMahon in the regiment commanded by Benjamin Biggs. That he enlisted at West Liberty and served five years and four months under Capt. McMahon and John McCullock and was honorably discharged at Dilly's Ferry in Ohio (now called Holt's of Grave Creek) as will appear by muster roll of said company. Jacob Yoho his x mark. He makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the Bounty Land which he may be entitled under the Act granting bounty lands to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the military service of the United States ? Sept. 28th 1850. Jacob Yoho his x mark. Sworn to & subscribed before me the day and year above written. And I hereby certify that I believe the said Jacob Yoho to be the identified man who served as aforesaid and that he is of the age above stated. Daniel Sager ? Justice of the Peace for County aforesaid [Note: Hugh L. Yoho writes: This claim was rejected on the grounds that the name of Jacob Yoho and the names of the officers mentioned could not be found on the Army rolls.]

A Lost Township. It is generally known that there are several lost towns in Guernsey County -- that is, towns that were plotted and developed for a time, then permitted to decline and pass out entirely. Their ambitious founders, no doubt, had visions of thriving villages or cities. This is shown by their plottings, in some of which ground was set apart for such public improvements as might be found in the larger municipalities of their day. Where some of these towns were, nothing now remains but the names. Back of the passing of each of them there has been a cause that may not have been foreseen by its founder. That Guernsey county has lost a township is not generally known. It was one of the last to be formed. On December 9, 1847, the county commissioners adopted a resolution ordering a new township to be set apart in Guernsey county, to be composed of parts of Richland and Seneca townships. This was before Noble county was organized and the latter township was in Guernsey county. Township Described. -- The boundaries of the new subdivision, as determined by the commissioners, were as follows: "Commencing at southwest corner of John Thompson's; thence north to the northwest corner of Jacob Thomas' land adjoining the Wills township line; thence east to the northeast corner of William St. Clair's land, to the Millwood township line; then south to the southeast corner of Jacob Yoho's land in Seneca township; thence due west to place of beginning." It might require an interpretation in terms of land ownership of the present day to understand this description. However, as a general description, the new township included land now a part of Richland and Millwood townships in Guernsey county and Wayne township in Noble county. (Source: "Stories of Guernsey County, Ohio" by William G. Wolfe, 1943, p. 688 (Mr. Wolfe was Superintendent of Guernsey County Schools, 1914-1935 - furnished by William Herbert Yoho to James Robert Yoho).

Census: 1850, in Guernsey Co., OH Jacob Yeaho, 85, living with his son, William H. Yoho (Yeaho) William lived next to Reuber Wilson, the son-in-law of Jacob Yoho.

Will of Jacob Yoho of Guernsey County, Ohio. In the name of the benevolent Father of all, I Jacob Yoho of the County of Guernsey and State of Ohio, being of perfect health, sound mind and memory, and understanding considering the uncertaintly of life, do make this my last will and testament in the manner following, that is to say, . First - My will is that the expence of my last sickness and funeral expences be first paid. Second is that all my just debts be paid. Third is give and bequeath unto my son John Yoho sixty akrs of land of ove my farm of ove the North line in Section No. 12. The said John Yoho is to have said sixty akers so long as he shall live for the use of his family and at his death said tract of land is to go to his two sons, Peter and Benjamin Yoho. Forth - My will is that my daughter-in-law Eliza Yoho is to have said sixty akers of the balance of my place just where her and my son Henry Yoho can agree upon it so long as she does live and at her death said sixty akers is to go to my grandson Jacob Morgan son of John Morgan. Fifth - And the balance of my land is to go to my son William H. Yoho and my grandson James William Yoho to be divided equally as they can agree between them two selves, their heirs and assigns forever. Sixth - I do devise that my grandson James William Yoho shall not inherit part of my land or the propriatory thereof until he shall come of full age 21. Seventh - I give and devise unto my son James Yoho the some of one dollar. Eighth - Also I give and devise unto my son Jacob Yoho one dollar. Ninth - I give and devise unto the heirs of Mary Carpenter my daughter the sum of one dollar. Tenth - I give and devise unto Elinor Watson wife of John Watson the sum of thirty dollars. Eleventh - I will and bequeath unto Eliza Watson wife of James Watson the sum of thirty dollars. Twelth - I give and bequeath unto Barberry Hage wife of Joseph Hage the sum of one dollar. Thirteenth - I also will and bequeath unto Sarah Wilson wife of Ruben Wilson the sum of thirty dollars. Fourteenth - I will and bequeath unto Nancy Morgan wife of John Morgan a not of hand I hold against the said John Morgan calling for thirty dollars twenty five cents. Fifteenth - I also devise that and unto my Executors hereinfater named that they shall have all my personal property at my decease and shall pay to my heirs the several sums annexed to their names at or within one year from my decease. Sixteenth - My will is that if my grandson shall die before he comes of age the said Henry Yoho is to have his part of land by paying James William Yoho's two sisters ten dollars each when they come of age. Seventeenth - Last by. I do hereby constitute and appoint William H. Yoho and Ruben Wilson of the County of Guernsey and State of Ohio to be the Executors of this my last will and testament Revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofor made. In testimony whereof I have unto set my hand and seal 25th day of July 1848. Jacob Yoho his x mark (Source: Gurnsey Co., OH records - furnished by Hugh L. Yoho)

Problem: Whose son was the grandson, James William Yoho, mentioned in the will of Jacob Yoho?

The Yoho Cemetery at Batesville, Independence Co., OH is located at the upper end of Seneca Lake. It is (or was) located on a spit of land on the shoreline, between Routes 147 and 513 [Note: Some say this is Noble Co., OH. REH]. The graves were being eroded away by the action of the lake waves.

He was married to Margaret Dailey about 1802. Margaret Dailey was born on 12 JAN 1775. She died on 1 AUG 1846 in Guernsey Co, OH. She was buried in Batesville, Independence, OH, Yoho Cemetery.

Yoho Cemetery Survey. Mrs. James Robert Yoho (Vivian) prepared a survey of the Yoho Cemetery, located near Cambridge, OH. She wrote: The Cemetery is located on a peninsula sticking out in Seneca Lake on Route 313, east of Kennonsburg, OH. Margaret; Wife; Jacob Yoho; Died Aug. 4, 1846; Age 71 yrs. 6 mos. 22 da. [Note: The birth date calculated from this information is: 13 Jan 1775. Problem: A birth date of 12 Jan 1765 and a death death of 1 Aug 1846 has been reported.

Jacob Yoho and Margaret Dailey had the following children:

  1. Mary Yoho (Abt 1789 - 1840)
  2. Elizabeth Yoho (1794 - 1851)
  3. Ellen Yoho (1794 - 1851)
  4. James Yoho (1802 - 1873)
  5. Jacob Yoho Jr. (Abt 1804 - 1884)
  6. John Yoho (1807 - 1880)
  7. Barbara Yoho (1809 -1905)
  8. Sarah Yoho (1811 - 1851)
  9. Nancy Yoho (1812 - 1893)
  10. Margaret Yoho (1813 - ?)
  11. Peter Yoho (1815 - 1845)
  12. William Henry Yoho (1818 - 1893

Downloadable File of Descendants of Jacob Yoho

Terry Willis of Cambridge Ohio and Yoho researcher complied the descendants of Jacob Yoho and Margaret Dailey. Terry is the 5th Great Grandson of Jacob related through Jacob's daughter Mary Yoho who married John Carpenter in 1812.

Terry's file is too large (10+ MB) to post as a single page on my website so it is being made available for opening on line or saving to your disk. The file includes:

All of the surnames are too numerous to list. Some of the most commonly occuring are: Anderson, Ankrom, Archer, Baker, Bates, Brown, Brownfield, Bryan, Bundy, Bunting, Burkhart, Butler, Carpenter, Carter, Clark, Cline, Connolly, Craig, Crawford, Dailey, Danford, Davis, Decker, DeLong, Dennis, Dillon, Eagon, Fagert, Fahner, Farnsworth, Flood, Foehrenbach, Fogle, Ford, Gallaher, Galloway, Giesey, Gilmore, Gray, Groves, Haga, Hauge, Hall, Hannahs, Hannum, Harding, Hashman, Hayes, Hendershot, Henderson, Herron Hickman, Hill, House, Howiler, Hughes, Huntsman, Hupp, Johnson, Jones, Judge, Knarff, Knouff, Lashley, Leach, Leasure, Locke, Long, Lucas, Lyons, McCune, McEndee, McVickee, Mendenhall, Miller, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Mosser, Neff, Palmer, Parker, Pethtel, Phillips, Pierce, Poulton, Richeson, Roe, Scott, Smith, Snyder, Starkey, Starr, Stephen, Stephens, Swallie, Taylor, Tucker, Walters, Warner, Watson, Wells, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wise, Yerian, Yoho

The downloadable file is in Microsoft Word Rich Text Format. The file has been condensed or zipped so you will need a program to unzip the file for viewing. If you have such a program, your choice is to look at the file on line or save to your disk. A free unzip program PKWARE can be downloaded from their webpage.

A GEDCOM format will be made available upon request. (Tim Yoho)

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