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Ethel Briggs: Ethel has published a book on the Ohio Valley Richmonds, their Kith and Kin and has a section on the Yoho Family.

Robert Coffield:. Robert is the past editor for the Yoho Newsletter. He is currently a lawyer for Flaherty Sensabaugh & Bonasso in Charleston WV.

Richard Ferris: Richard Ferris is part of our Yoho Research Group and lives in Georgia

Richard Henthorn: Richard's primary interest is the Henthorn(e) Hinthorn(e) families of America. He has found a number of connections between the Yohos and Henthorns and has one of the largest if not the largest database of Yoho and Henthorn History. (over 60,000 records). Unfortunately, Richard has been ill and no longer answers his e-mail concerning family research.

Vicki Hodgeman: Vicki is a Yoho Researcher and former editor of the Yoho Newsletter

Jean-Jacques Joho: Jean has traced his Swiss family back to Jacob Joho. His family tree appears in "Family Tree" menu.

Linda Goddard Stout: Linda does genealogical searches for families in a three county area in the northern panhandle of WV. She is the editor of the TRI-COUNTY RESEARCHER that publishes family histories.

Terry Willis: Terry is a member of our Research Group and lives in Ohio

Billy Lee Yoho: Home page discusses Yoho history

Carol Yoho: Carol is a Media Education specialist and artist and a member of the Kansas clan of the Yoho Family.

David Yoho: David is a well known motivational speaker for executives, managers, business owners, and sales people. He traced his Joho family back to 1620 in Auenstein Switzerland (Appears in "Family Tree")

Denver Yoho: The Yoho Family lost a friend and devoted researcher when Denver passed away on April 17th 2001 in Gallipolis Ohio. Denver was one of the earliest researchers of Yoho history and spent a great deal of his life sharing his finds with others. His name appears often in this web page. For an obituary and tribute to Denver go to the following web page: http:''www.rootsweb.com/~wvmarsha/denyoho.htm

Hugh Yoho: Hugh is another early and devoted researcher of Yoho History. He has compiled a pamphet listing all descendents of John Yoho and has many historical records of Peter Yoho. In 2002 Hugh researched and located John Yoho's Land in Winchester VA (Main Menu Yoho Page).

Mike Yoho: Mike is a Pastor of a small Baptist Church in Maryland

Richard Yoho: Richard is part of our Research Group and lives in WV

Tim Yoho: Author of this page

Werner Joho: Werner is a retired Nuclear Physicist from the Swiss (Paul Scherrer) Institute of Nuclear Research in Villigen Switzerland. He has traced his family to a Peter Joho (1773-1846) in Switzerland. Werner would like to trace his lineage back further and possibly find a connection to Johannes Joho the first known Joho immigrant to America. Werner's son Marcel presently lives in Champaign Illinois and has Web Page listed under "Joho Web Pages" below.

William Yohe: William's father changed their Yoho family name to Yohe when they moved to Iowa. William is a descendent of Peter Yoho.

Web Pages by Yoho's (No Yoho History)

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Carol Yoho: Carol is a Media Education specialist and artist at Washburn University in Topeka Kansas. Husband is Max Yoho. They are both part of the Kansas Clan.

David Yoho: David is a well known motivational speaker for executives, managers, business owners, and sales people.

DeVon L. Yoho: DeVon is the Director of Center for Economic Education at Ball State University.

Max Yoho: Max is a published author with short stories and poems. Max is wife of Carol Yoho above and both live in Kansas

Robert Yoho: Robert Yoho is a Political Writer and Senior Editor

Robert Yoho, M.D: Dr. Yoho is a cosmetic surgeion liposuction suction specialist in Pasadena California.

Springston and Yoho Real Estate Agency: Located in Fairmont WV

The Yoho Africa Page: Michael, Jean, and Blaine Yoho move to Africa

Joho Web Pages

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Chef Jean Joho: Vice President and Exec. Chef of Brasserie Jo and Eiffel Tower Restaurants. Jean recieved his training in Alsace and Switzerland. http://www.leye.com/company/bios/joho.htm

Rolf Joho, PhD: Assoc. Professor Basic Neuroscience at Univ. Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Sibil Joho: Self employed Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Lives in Zurich.

Yohe Web Pages

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Fredrick Yohe: Yohe Fine Arts; Downingtown, PA

Jay Yohe: "Drinking Mathematics" Jay Yohe's Teachers Page

John M. Yohe: Assoc. Prof. Dept. Agronomy and Horticulture Univ. Nebraska-Lincoln

Latsha Davis Yohe: Attorney at Law

Roger Yohe, PhD: Director, Center for teaching; estrella Mountain Community College

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Allison Yoh: PhD student at UCLA School of Public Policy and Social Research

James Scott Yoh: Law Firm

John Gay Yoh: Dept of Political Sciences; Univ. South Africa

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