Other Lembach Passengers on Snow Two Sisters in 1738


The Snow Two Sisters sailed from Cowes England and Rotterdam Holland in 1738 bringing Johannes and Susanna Joho to Philadelphia.  Johannes is listed on page 209 and Susanna on page 210 of passenger list appearing in PA German Pioneers.


Joan Young contacted me in 2002 and indicated that Mattias Geiger and Hann Martin Halter were passengers on the Snow Two Sisters and were also from Lembach Alsace. It is very likely they were neighbors of the Joho's in Alsace.


Halter's and Geiger's names can be seen by red "X" on "Oath of Allegience" List from the Snow Two sister..


Mattias Geiger married Anna Mary Halter in 1727/28 in Lembach Alsace. Both Mattias and Anna settled in N.J. and are thought to be burried on Kiger Farm, Mannington, N.J.


Mattaias' father was Henricus Geiger (abt 1703-1759). He marrried Johanna Haglern in Alsace. Both are burried in Alsace.


Perhaps more can be determined about Johannes and his father Michael by investigating the Geiger and Halter Connection in Alsace.



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