Other Alsatian Joho's

Other Joho families have found their origins in Alsace. The purpose of this page is to post known Alsatian Joho families in the hope of making links between families in Alsace as well as links with families in Switzerland and other countries.

Please send me any information you have that may help to establish these ties. Since this endeavor is new there are only two Alsatian "Connections" to report as of 10/10/04.

Anita (Meyer) Alsatian Connection

Anita (Meyer) Malchiodi Albedi of Fairfield California has many ties to Alsace including her great grandmother Caroline Joho (1864-1900) who lived and died in Kunheim Alsace.. Anita has traced Caroline back to Michel Joho (1730-1782) who lived in Algosheim which is southeast of Neuf-Brisach, Haute-Rhin (Southern Alsace). I have corresponded with Anita and hope some day to make a link between her Joho family line and Johannes Michael Joho (1678-1735), the father of Johannes Joho (1712-1795) the first known Joho immigrant to America.. Anita's web site (Alsatian Connections-A Family Genealogy Site) contains a great deal of useful information for a researcher of Alsatian families including a long surname list with links.

I have constructed a partial family tree from her site. I have included only the branches that directly link with the Joho line.

Michel JOHO (Algosheim 1730 - 1787) Married Salome OERTLIN (Algosheim 1738 - 1809)

Jean Michel JOHO (Algosheim 1769-1823) Married Ann Marie BURGHARDT (Muntzenheim 1788-1861)

Michel JOHO (Algosheim 1818-1889) Married Barbara SCHAFFNER (Biesheim1820-1904)

Caroline JOHO (Kunheim 1864-1900) Married Charles MEYER (Durrenentzen1863-1929)

Alfred MEYER (Durrenentzen1894-1962) Married Luise Margaretha HEITZ (Near Strasbourg 1899-1974)
Immigrated to U.S. Died in Sheboygan Wisc

Henry Emil MEYER (Wisc.1924-1999) Married Agnes BIHLER (Bayern Germany 1921- )

Clara Joho Alsatian Connection

Several years ago Clara Joho from Cordoba Argentina contacted me about finding her family connection in the Joho family. Since I had no information, I referred her to Anita (above) who worked out a partial family tree back to Jean Joho Joho who lived in same area of Alsace as Anita's ancestors. There evidently have been some problems in communication with Clara so little is known about her immediate family.

Jean Joho JOHO (? - 1789 Kunheim) Married Marie Magdeleine UNKNOWN (? - 1790 Kunheim)

Georges JOHO(Kunheim 1787-1854 Muntzenheim) Married Catherine OBRECHT (Muntzenhein 1791-1850)

Georges JOHO (Jr) Muntzenheim 1818-after 1865 Married Marie Salome STIEBER (Muntzenheim 1826-?)

Jean George JOHO (Muntzenheim 1861-?) Married Anne Louise GANTZ (1859-?)

Charles JOHO (Jebsheim/Algosheim 1898-? Argentina) Married Unknown UNKNOWN

Clara JOHO (? - Presently Living Cordoba Argentina) Married Unknown UNKNOWN


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