Descendants of Capt John Baker by Valerie Kramer

In the history of the early Ohio Valley near present day Moundsville WV, Capt John Baker was a well known and important historical figure. Captain Baker is also well known to many in the Yoho family since Henry and Peter, two sons of the original immigrant Johannes Joho, married Capt Baker's twin daughters Catherine and Margaret. More information about Henry and Peter can be viewed elsewhere on the Yoho Page

Valerie Kramer has written a very interesting account about the life and history of Capt Baker as well as a very comprehensive account (319 pages) of the descendants of Capt Baker and his wife Margaret. If you are a researcher of Yoho and or Baker history, this book is a must have. Considering its content including color photographs, its a bargain at $32.95 for the color version or $22.95 for the B&W.

Please review the book at the following web site . Valerie may also be contacted at Valerie Kramer

I apologize to Valerie for not posting this information until this time, but I have negelected the Yoho Page for some time.

Tim Yoho