Yoho Family Reunion 2007


From The Wetzel Chronicle Sept 12, 2007

The Yoho Family Reunion was held on Aug 4 at the Lewis Wetzel Family Center on East Benjamin Drive, New Martinsville. a covered dish dinner was enjoyed by all.

There were 158 family members in attendance. Traveling the furthest was David Yoho of Valencia Calif., as well as his parents Hugh and Sharon Yoho of Sunland Calif. The oldest in attendance, 85 years of age, was mark Wayne Yoho of Proctor. Ten states were represented at the reunion.

The Yoho Family cake was donated by Pansy Yoho Price and Kenneth L. Yoho Goddard. The actioneer for the many nice gifts was henry Parsons. The beautiful was provided by the late Maxine Parsons Yoho (mother of Hugh Yoho) of California and was won by Kenneth Goddard. The prayer was led by Ronald Neely.

Next year's reunion will be on Aug 9, 2008 at the Lewis Wetzel Family Center.

This years reunion was planned and organized by Ken Goddard and his mother Pansy Yoho Price.

According to Hugh Yoho, members of the Frohnappel reunion joined the Yoho reunion from a nearby park since it began raining. Hugh related the events in an e-mail:

We had to leave the reunion early, and by that time it was raining hard
and many of the people attending the Frohnappel family reunion in a nearby
park had joined us inside the Lewis Wetzel Family Center. Ken Goddard had
invited them in advance in case it rained, and of course there are quite a
few Yoho-Frohnappel family connections. I suppose there were at least a
hundred folks present when we left and I suspect 70 to 80 of them were
attending the Yoho reunion.

Ken Goddard and his Mother, Pansy Price, did a great job in organizing the
reunion. It was obvious that everyone was having a good time and enjoying
the pot luck dishes. Pansy has received many awards over the years for her
playing of country music and writing poetry.  She played her guitar with the
blue grass group that came up from the Frohnappel reunion.

Just before my Mother passed away, we had given away all her quilts except for
one she wanted to give to one of the nurses at the convalescent hospital who
had been especially nice to her. (She made over a hundred quilts during her
lifetime and donated five or six of them to various Yoho reunions). However,
the nurse reluctantly refused the gift because it is illegal for the staff
to accept gifts from the patients. At about this same time we learned of the
2007 Yoho reunion and Mother asked me to donate the quilt as a reunion
auction prize. Ken Goddard was high bidder for the quilt and I was very
happy to see him take possession of it.

Richard Yoho brought his lap top and offered family infomation to anyone
asking for it, using the Yoho Master file. He also had forms for folks to
fill out with their family information for future inclusion in the Master
file.  I don't know how successful he was, but it was a very nice thing for
him to do, and it was a pleasure finally meeting him in person.

I was absolutely blown away by the sign Joshua (Bud) Yoho had installed at
the intersection of Rte. 18 and Rte. 2, which was there for me to see as we
drove up from Clarksburg. In large letters it said "Hugh Yoho Welcome to the
Reunion!"  I certainly enjoyed talking to Bud and appreciated his sign work.

I was especially happy to see LeMoyne Coffield; Mark Yoho; your siblings,
Joanne and Phil, and members of my Aunt Roxie Yoho Neely's family at the

Proceeds from the auction will help finance next years reunion in early
August, and the Lewis Wetzel Family Center has already been reserved for
that event.


Tim Yoho (E-Mail)