Settlement of Estates – Ohio County
Peter Yoho Estate
Included: Vol.3, pp. 273 – 278
Inventory of Peter Yoho personal property dated Oct. 21, 1823
Christian Gatts – Administrator
Appraisers: Reuben Roberts, James Nixon, David T. Burton

Account of Sales – Peter Yoho Estate dated Oct. 22, 1823

ITEM                                                                                                              PURCHASER

Pr. Breachbands                                                                                       Henry Yoho
1 Blind Bridle                                                                                          Lewis Yoho
       “                                                                                                        James Riggs
1 collar hames                                                                                          Lewis Yoho
       “                                                                                                              “
Pr. Stretchers                                                                                            James Riggs
Grindstone                                                                                                Benjamin Halman
Barshear and Colter                                                                                  Henry Yoho
Plough Share                                                                                             James Taylor
2 Clevises                                                                                                  Ebenezer Gorby
1 Log Chain                                                                                               Peter Yohoe
Pitch Fork                                                                                                  Henry Yohoe
Dung Fork                                                                                                  Laz Rine
Iron Wedge                                                                                                 Christian Gatts
      “                                                                                                                     “
Handsaw                                                                                                     Henry Yohoe
Hackle                                                                                                         Ebenezer Gorby
Draw Knife                                                                                                 H. Yohoe
Sq. and Compass                                                                                         Ebenezer Gorby
Augers                                                                                                         Robert Woods
Chisels                                                                                                         Ebenezer Gorby
Hammers                                                                                                     Samuel Yohoe
Bits and Stocks                                                                                                   “
Shoe Makers Tools                                                                                      Henry Yohoe
Cow Bells                                                                                                     Lewis Yohoe
Grubing Hoe                                                                                                 E. gorby
Hilling Hoe                                                                                                   Isaac Yohoe
Scythe                                                                                                           E. Gorby
Old Irons                                                                                                       Andrew Rager
Saddle                                                                                                            Isaac Yohoe
Saddle Bags                                                                                                   Samuel Yohoe
Bridle & Martingale                                                                                      Wm. Yohoe


Steelyards                                                                                                 Christian Gatts
Shot Pouch                                                                                                Peter Yohoe
Powder Horn                                                                                                         “
Chest                                                                                                         Benjamin Halman
Silver Watch                                                                                             Wm. Yohoe
Wooden Clock                                                                                          Saml. Yohoe
Brown Horse                                                                                             Lewis Yohoe
Bay Mare                                                                                                   Elizabeth Yohoe
Bay Mare                                                                                                   Wm. Hunter
Bay Colt                                                                                                     Jacob Yohoe
Sorrell Colt                                                                                                 John Baker
Steer                                                                                                            Joseph Wilson
Cow                                                                                                            Daniel Setler
Cow                                                                                                            Saml. Yohoe
Cow                                                                                                           Saml. Williamson
Calf                                                                                                             Daniel Setler
Calf                                                                                                             R. Roberts
8 Shoats                                                                                                      R. C. Woods
Sow & 3 Pigs                                                                                            Saml. Williamson
      “                                                                                                                      “
13 Geese                                                                                                     Nick Wykard
Wagon Whip                                                                                              James Riggs
3 Sheep                                                                                                       Laz Rine
Doubletree                                                                                                  John Grigsby
Table                                                                                                           Benj. Halman
3 Chairs                                                                                                       Wm. Yohoe
Bed                                                                                                               James Taylor
Wool Wheel                                                                                                 Henry Yohoe
Flax Wheel                                                                                                   Andrew Rager
Umbrella                                                                                                       Ned Grigg
6 Puter Plates                                                                                                H. Hooe
6 Earthen Plates                                                                                            Benj. Halman
Bucket                                                                                                           Wm. Hunter
Barrell                                                                                                           R. Roberts
Tub                                                                                                                Ned Wykard
Barrell                                                                                                           C. Gats
    “                                                                                                                 R. H. Hooe
Kettle                                                                                                             Jacob Yohoe
    “                                                                                                                 C. Gats
Oven                                                                                                            Elizabeth Yohoe
1 Heap of Corn                                                                                              Wm. Yohoe
1 pr. Tooth drawers                                                                                        H. Hooe
Fire Irons                                                                                                        C. Gats
Rye Stack                                                                                                        Wm. Yohoe
2 hay Stacks                                                                                                    Wm. Yohoe

Final account of estate of Peter Yoho presented to court of January, 1825.

Included expenses involved in closing the estate and amounts distributed to beneficiaries.

Names of heirs participating:
John Yoho
Mary Gats
Samuel Yoho
Peter Yoho, Jr.
Lewis Yoho
Jacob Yoho
Isaac Yoho
Simon Archer
William Yoho