Joho Family Crests

There are 4-5 known Joho Family Crests. The first is probably part of a full crest shown in second Graphic. The newest Crest (5/15/07) is a White Wolf which may also be part of a larger Crest. This new Crest is undoubtedly the White Wolf cited by Jean-Jacques Joho of Liebfield Switzerland. See third crest below. The new White Wolf is the 4th Crest.

If others crests are known or if more information is known about the ones appearing here please contact me.

Schinznach Joho Family Crest

Hugh Yoho of Sunland CA provided me with the above Crest which was scanned and placed in this document. In correspondence of 7/6/96, Hugh told me he wrote to Zurich inquiring about a Joho Coat of Arms. He said a very dedicated civil servant there hand copied, colored, and enclosed in plastic, a coat of arms that had three pine trees on it. This crest was designed by Joho Families in Schinznach which is also in the Canton of Aargau.

This next crest is probably the original entire crest from which the above was copied. This Crest is registered at the 'Staatsarchiv" in Bern Switzerland

Earl Yoho has had the above Crest made into a very very nice patch suitable for wearing on clothing. Contact him if you are interested in one.

The source of this crest is unknown. It was thought to have originated from Jean-Jacques Joho of Liebfield Switzerland who cites a Joho Family Crest with a white wolf in a letter to Jean Joho of Lausanne in 1969.

Prior to finding copy of the White Wolf, I wondered if Jean-Jacques may have had his colors reversed.

The White Wolf Crest or Patch above was sent to me by Benjamin "Benji" Yoho who is presently living in Switzerland. Benji is the son of Blaine Thomas Yoho. Benji has graciously agreed to do some family research for our small research group. He recently (5/07) found this crest in the Canton of Bern Staatsarchiv (State or County Archives).

The written German in upper right hand corner translates "From Schniznach" "About 1891". The writing "BWB Tafel" might be person who submitted the crest. "36" might be the year it was submitted.

Jean-Jacques Joho cited above with regard to the Black Wolf Crest provided an explanation for the White Wolf:

There is an explanation of the coat of arms with a white Wolf. The legend reported here makes our ancestors the subjects of the Princes of Zahringen whose bear hunt still today makes the people of Berne proud and makes the ornament of their flag. I suspose that our ancestors were 'lost from the shore of Lake Leman' as my father used to say (without malicious intent).

Benji also commented about the use of the Wolf in general:

From what I see of the crests here in CH (Switzerland), it seems the style to show the tongue of the animal in question, and as well the male genitalia in many cases, and in terms of the wolf looking tired, I think if you look closely and once again with the body language of wolves and dogs in mind, and notice the upturned tail, that this white wolf on that crest has struck a quite aggressive, threatening, and challenging posture, as if about to attack even, it looks a dangerous wolf, not a tired wolf. I think wolves were thought of as dangerous creatures back in those times, and especially here in CH with all the livestock everywhere wolves were likely especially thought of as threatening & undesirable, although rarely if ever actually posing a threat to people themselves, the country was eventually rid of them entirely along with bears, yet now a few wolves have again appeared in the wildest areas, and there are now debates as to the level of tolerance to show them...

Benji Yoho

The above crest was submitted by Phil Joho in 2005. Phil is originally from Switzerland but now is a far flung family member living in Australia. I don't know if Phil has any additional information for this crest but will add in future if so.

Felix Joho Family Crest

The last known Crest was provided by Felix Joho on 7/29/97. Felix who lives in Nussbaumen Switzerland provided me with a photograph of this Crest that is in possession of his Aunt. Felix's family originated in Auenstein Switzerland.

Felix does not know the origin or age of this Crest. Barely readable on the bottom of the scanned image appears to be a printed name "W. NAEF BOOVIN"

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