New Just Fit Garage For TR3

In 2019, we inherited some money and decided to renovate our log home I built with help of some friends in 1979. Part of the renovation was a new garage to replace a storage shed under the front deck. I had been keeping my car in our single garage and using wheel dollies to move to my workshop for the Winter so my wife could use garage for her car. She now has her own 24/7 garage.

Before the new garage, it was an challenge to maneuver car to a crowded workshop between two metal support poles. I could move the car by myself, but to be safe my wife helped steer and maneuver.

The new garage was built in place of the storage shed shown below under front deck. The new garage could not be much wider than existing shed because of support beams for the deck and an underground septic tank in front of the support beams.

The next two pictures show construction of garage using frame lumber and log siding. Special log end pieces were used to match design of logs in home.

The final three pictures show completed garage and deck with shed roof added. The garage is small but still give me enough room to work on car and store materials in wall racks.