VUNC-A: Kanghwa Island Korea

The Facility at Kanghwa Island also known as Kanghwa-do and Ganghwa Island is located in the Yellow Sea at the mouth of the Han-Imjin Estuary. The Island was accessable only by military ferry. Food and quarters were provided by the 226th USASA Company. Today a bridge spans the sea lane to the island.

Power for the 226th and the VUNC station was provided by four 100KW VUNC generators operated via a contract with the Vinnell Corporation. Russell Kucharski indicated he had to sign for those generators as the VUNC power generator specialist and was responsible for that equipment.

Although VUNC personnel were housed in the 226th ASA compound, the broadcast station was not located in the ASA compound but was located down the road about half to 3/4 of the way to the ferry landing.


Pictures Provided by Richard Hardy and Tim Yoho (1961-62)

Gate Sign VUNC - A
Ferry (Yellow Sea) Arriving
Ferry With Bus
Ferry With 3/4 Ton Truck
VUNC A&B Personnel
Broadcast Station
Sgt Hardy in Studio
Sgt Hardy & Microwave Dishes
Power Plant
USASA 226th Operations Co.
226th ASA Access Road
ASA Compound
SP5 Caldwell
Caldwell, LaBlanc & Houseboy
Maj Kim and PFC Ray
PFC Ray and Technicians
Kanghwa Coast Today
Bridge to Kanghwa Today
Another View Bridge Today
Sun Sets Over Kanghwa Island


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