Joe Tanzi
7th Group 15th Company: Printing

Joe Tanziin Front Of Harris Press

This account will begin with an apology from me (Tim Yoho) to Joe Tanzi. Joe sent me a nice group of pictures this past Summer (2008) along with a brief account of his tour in the 7th Group on Okinawa. A combination of my being busy and a loss of my computer hard drive, delayed the posting of his pictures until now (10/08). I am posting Joe's pictures without his account which was lost in the computer meltdown. Joe has been busy with his daughter's wedding and promised to send me another account as soon as he can do so. Editor (10/08)

Joe submitted following account on 11/6/08:

I arrived on Okinawa early March of 1970, as an 83f20 pressman with the rank of E-2.  I was assigned to the 7th Pysop Unit and later to the Printing Company.  My work schedule was the 3rd shift which began at 10:00PM to 7:00AM 6 days a week.  I did this for 17 months.  The big joke on the shift was what’s for Breakfast.  We printed propaganda leaflets and other assorted jobs for Vietnam.  I left Okinawa in August of 1971, with the rank of SP/5 and was assigned to Ft. Ord, California for the remainder of my 3 year enlistment.  I now live in Haddon Township, New Jersey.  My family and I had a restaurant for 33 years.  I am now retired for health reasons but will always be a GDP aka Good Damn Printer.  My thanks to Tim for his hard work with this web site. I’m sure we will hear from many more GDPs.....

  1. 7th Group Display
  2. Joe Tanzi In Front of Monument
  3. Joe Tanzi With Okinawan Civilian Printing Worker at Company Picnic
  4. Sal Saccaro (Brooklyn N.Y.), Dennis McClintick (Napa CA), Unknown Croom
  5. Thayer, Leroy Stevenson (Iowa), Kramer, Tanzi, McClintick, Sadowski (N.Y.), Croom, Jay Goodman (Kneeling), Unknown (Kneeling)
  6. Pressmen
  7. Pressmen and Bindery Crew
  8. Unknown, Croom, Tanzi, Gleselman, Goodman-Boris Unknown
  9. Group With Leaflet Bomb
  10. Sgt Osborne (Conn)
  11. Sadowski, Stevenson, McClintick, Croom On Trip Toward Naha
  12. Greg Marlowe (Pasedena CA)
  13. Okinawa Strike Riot
  14. Another Picture of Strike Riot
  15. First Shift Driver Oshiro and Unknown
  16. Unknown and Sadowski With Sheets of Propaganda Before Cutting
  17. Sadowski As Mascot of 3rd Shift With a Screw Up
  18. Okinawan Kids on Unit Truck
  19. Unknowns in Koza
  20. Unknowns at Honch Press
  21. Giving the "Bird" In Plant

Additional Pictures Provided 12/5/17


Source: Joe Tanzi (E-Mail)