Additional Personnel of The 15th Reproduction (Printing) Detachment


From Editor Tim Yoho:

I received several emails (July 23-25, 2016) from Bill Fleak who asked if I had any information about his off island assignment (without orders) to Vietnam during the period of 1963 and 1964). He indicated he was assigned to the 15th Printing Detachment with MOS of 835.20 and spent 20 months in the unit until he received an "Early Out" in 1965. I did not find his name in the roster nor did I find other names (with the exception of SP5 Walter House. PFC Tillman and SGT Shody) he listed as serving with him. Bill said he was stationed at Machinato HQ Barracks and worked in Communications Compound, but was later moved to warehouse by bowling alley.

Bill said he did have TDY orders for Osaka Japan and Taiwan, but most of the time he and others of his group went off island without orders for short assignments. He is trying to establish his tour with the VA because of a disability, but the VA cannot find records of his tour duty.

The men listed by Bill will be added to the 15th Detachment Roster and include: Captain Fogerty, SGT Shody, SGT Thorton, Larry Hicks, SP5 Walter House, Unknown Cote, Unknown Pryor, Unknown Shultz, and PFC Tillman. If you knew Bill or any of these men or know of others who served in the 15th during this time period please contact me (Tim Yoho).